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RapidClean is an Australian & New Zealand owned national company with over 60 stores throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our business is made up of cleaning supply experts operating their own stores. Our stores stock major brands of industrial, commercial and environmentally friendly cleaning and packaging products. Our RapidClean staff pride themselves on delivering the best cleaning products and honest advice at the most cost effective price. Our aim is to provide our customers with the support of a national organisation while providing a local service, single source, cost effective one-stop-shop solution.

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RapidClean Janitorial Cleaning Kit

Kit Includes: 1x RapidClean Roller Wringer bucket 1x RapidClean Wipes on a roll 1x RapidClean 400g Mop Head 1x RapidClean Aluminium Mop Handle 1x RapidClean Glass Cleaning Cloth 4x Assorted RapidClean Microfibre Cloths Available in: Red, Green, Blue or Yellow

RapidClean Auto Wheel Clean and Shine

RapidClean Auto Wheel Clean and Shine for Mag Wheels. AUTO WHEEL quickly removes brake dust and road grime with slight agitation, leaving your wheels clean and bright. AUTO WHEEL is safe for all types of metal hubcaps including steel or aluminium alloy wheels. Concentrated liquid...

RapidClean Auto HD Degreaser

RapidClean Auto HD Degreaser for vehicles and equipment. AUTO HD is a versatile heavy duty and general purpose cleaner for truck and car exteriors. It’s versatility ranges from medium duty engine, chassis and workshop degreasing to light duty cleaning of interiors and upholstery.


The Rapid Group is proud to be the only Australian associate member of INPACS  – Global Supply Solutions with an annual turnover exceeding $2.4 Billion. The benefit for our customers is that they can have confidence RapidClean will maintain consistent supply of the best cleaning and packaging products available anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

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Kill those nasty flying and crawling insects in one shot with the Raid one shot multi-purpose insect killer. It will not leave behind any strong chemical smells but a fresh citrus scent. The specifically developed formula is contained in a 375g aerosol can and knocks...


One shot killing power Raid kills in one shot multipurpose insect killer odourless a specially developed formula that:   Knocks down and kills with just One Shot Suitable for use on both flying AND crawling insects Flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps It...


ES300 - Cleaning carpet spaces in a big way • Floating brush head adjusts automatically for better carpet contact and improved water recovery • Larger tank with increased water capacity provides extended cleaning time and fewer refills • Powerful vacuum motor for efficient removal of...

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