About PoliVac

Polivac International is a proudly Australian manufacturer of commercial cleaning machinery and exporter of advanced cleaning technologies. All machines are designed and manufactured in our Melbourne facility. Polivac’s journey started in 1949 and with over 70 years of experience we have meticulously designed different commercial cleaning machines that excel in quality and productivity. We intend to carry out continuous research and development to discover the changing requirements of customers and develop machines that adapt to these changes.

The current Polivac range is diverse and versatile, covering hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, concrete grinding and finishing through to timber floor sanding, back-pack and canister vacuum cleaners. We manufacture all our products keeping in mind four main concepts quality, safety, productivity, and sustainability.

Quality: Our manufacturing process is regulated to deliver highest possible standards. Polivac attained the International Quality standard in August 1997, under the license QEC 10553 which pertains to ISO 9001:2015. Our products are extensively tested under our QA processes during manufacture and after product completion, this ensures exceptional product quality.

Safety: We follow the guidelines provided by Victorian government and implement all the safety parameters for ensuring the protection of all operators and the community. We believe in providing our Australian community with training and risk assessment for each machine. We have worked closely with industry experts and curated the Polivac International Occupational safety and management protocol. This ensures that machine operators are equipped with knowledge of potential hazards and risks associated with different working environment and can take diligent measures to mitigate risks.

Productivity: Combining innovative technology, durability, and operator-friendly machines we have managed to deliver equipment that provides maximum productivity. All our machines are manufactured in accordance with ergonomic design suggestions which improves efficiency and reduces operator’s fatigue.

Sustainability: We strive to adhere to environmental guidelines and policies. A cornerstone to our commitment is “The Polivac Conservation cycle” protecting the environment through intelligent design. Focus on reducing environmental footprint has been possible with the solar panels installed in our manufacturing units and all the Polivac products being recyclable.

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