Swisstrade is a Guestroom – toiletry and OS&E specialist, with over 25 years’ experience.

Our value proposition is having a single source of leading guestroom products to benefit hotel guests and operational efficiencies.

We offer single portion amenities, environmentally sustainable toiletry dispensers & guest room accessories and small appliances.

Since 1997, Swisstrade has been the leader in environmentally sustainable amenity solutions. From the launch of the innovative Press & Wash Dispenser System to the chosen amenity supplier of the Sydney ‘Green Olympics’ in 2000, to the new sleeker Smart Care factory filled 100% recyclable bathroom dispenser.

Swisstrade’s sustainable toiletries aim to reducing up to 70 per cent of plastic waste and landfill while providing a premium guest experience with products sourced only from quality manufacturers across the globe and within Australia.

We’re committed to delivering:

  • Premium quality options for hotel toiletries
  • Sustainable asset value for owners and investors
  • Help hotel owners increase room rates and online ratings through positive guest feedback
  • Operationally sound, innovative and design-led product solutions

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