About Austar Packaging

Austar Packaging are family owned and operated manufactures and distributes high quality commercial and industrial grade plastic consumables and packaging solutions for clients across Australia.

With over 14 years of experience in the industry and a series of distributor and wholesale partners in every state across Australia, you can rest assured knowing that Austar Packaging can take care of your plastic consumable needs.

Our expert industry knowledge is backed by years of research to establish tried and tested solutions for each of our clients, and supported by a standard of same day or 24hour delivery for orders big and small/ Additionally, we attain a loyalty to each of our distribution and wholesale partners that is second to none.

Products and Services
Over the organisations 14 years of operation the team at Austar Packaging have had extensive experience trailing materials, testing their durability, and rendering high-standard quality finished products. This experience enables the organisation to deliver consistently high results that won’t disappoint.

Austar Packaging offers a range of plastic consumables, including:

Plastic bags
Bin liners
Med bags & consumables
General purpose and medical gloves Food service consumables.

With a family mentality, dedication to continual best practise and the support of our repeat valued customers, the organisation has been able to grow substantially from its humble beginnings in 2002 and now servicing hundreds of clients across Australia.

Expert Product Knowledge and Specialised Solutions
In addition to our standard service offerings, Au star Packaging offers a range of tailored solutions to our clients, including Custom Packaging and Product Design. These packaging solutions are guaranteed to meet the expectations of every creative brief through a partnership with high calibre packaging designers and experts.

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