About Pacvac

Pacvac began operating in Perth, Western Australia, in 1978, designing and manufacturing backpack vacuums for the Australian commercial cleaning market.

Today, Pacvac products are distributed to over 20 countries revolutionising efficient cleaning worldwide as a sought-after, leading brand for backpack vacuum cleaners.

The Pacvac journey started using basic garage and household items and an innovative design.

Through continual innovation, we have expanded our product range to include a vacuum cleaner suited to almost any cleaning application.

Today, Pacvac are regarded worldwide as leaders of the cleaning industry, always at the forefront of vacuum technology.


Great innovation is born from understanding, courage, and creativity.

Pacvac’s dedicated and experienced design team are curious, tech-savvy, and constantly striving to find cleaning solutions to meet the growing demand of our customers, understanding the issues customers face in their day-to-day vacuuming experiences and constantly innovate with a consumer-centric focus.


Pacvac’s support network extends well beyond the walls their Perth head office.

Having strong representation through an extensive RapidClean Authorised Distributor and Service and Warranty Agent network, we aim to give our customers ongoing product advice, coupled with a fast turnaround time on spare parts and servicing.

We set ourselves apart by working collaboratively with you, our valued customers, to ensure that your next cleaning experience is the best.


Pacvac developed a free online training platform, Pacvac Academy, which delivers fast and easy training for the cleaning enthusiast.

The academy houses short, to the point video tutorials on how to use your backpack vacuum cleaner, work safely and maintain your vacuum for optimum performance.


There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you have a great team!

Pacvac’s team of professionals are committed to continually delivering the best cleaning products, quality service, and most importantly, peace of mind to our customers.

Pacvac’s friendly and approachable team are always here to help with any matter, big or small.

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