Pacvac Glide Wispa 300

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Vacuum – Canister – 300 – Glide wispa

Glide wispa 300 is an ultra-quiet machine that gives the user the option to reduce noise by a simple flick of a switch, perfect for daytime cleaning or noise sensitive environments.

This feature also reduces the power consumption, so you’re helping the environment with this one too.

With a 15L capacity, you’re free to clean large areas without having to empty the dust bag, ultimately increasing your productivity.

You’ll be impressed with the suction on this canister vacuum, driven by its 1300W motor and a pressure relief valve that protects the motor, keeping you cleaning for longer.

A canister vacuum should move with ease as you pull it along and to further assist this, Glide 300 is fitted with fully rotating castor wheels, giving the user maximum control and manoeuvrability.

*Glide wispa 300 comes with five disposable paper dust bags and one reusable SMS dust bag in the box.