5 Cleaning Supplies You Should Use To Wash Your Car And 5 You Shouldn’t

5 Cleaning Supplies

To give your car the perfect wash, you need the right cleaning supplies. Here are 5 cleaning supplies you should use to wash your car and 5 you shouldn’t!

It’s great that more people are now embracing the old-fashioned method of cleaning your car yourself, over the use of car washes. Washing your car by yourself is much better for a number of reasons, the most important being that it’s good for long-term maintenance of the car exterior. The powerful tools and quick turn-around time of commercial car washes may seem appealing at first, but it is really not friendly to your car over time. Doing it yourself is also more cost-effective, and a bonus is that it can be a fun Saturday morning activity for you!

However, the decision to shun the car washes and do it yourself will only make sense if you’re doing it right. You need to equip yourself with the right cleaning supplies; repeated use of the wrong ones and you would end up causing the same damages you were avoiding in the first place. To help you get the best car washing results, here is a guide to the 5 cleaning supplies you need in your cleaning kit and 5 you are better off without.


  1. MICROFIBRE TOWEL: Arguably the most important cleaning supply you need to own, a microfiber towel provides the gentle touch your car deserves. Made of millions of microscopic synthetic fibre, a microfibre towel absorbs liquid super fast and does so without leaving swirls and streaks. This makes it perfect for cleaning water, dirt, and grease with minimal effort and in minimum time. If you don’t own one already, simply search our products to order one. Your car’s paint job would be happier for it.
  1. MICROFIBRE GLASS TOWEL: Like its counterpart above, a microfibre glass towel is the most suitable material for cleaning your car windows and windshields. Its unique composition means it is specifically made to give the glass a thorough wipe down free of streaks and scratches. And we’re sure you know the importance of clear windshields and windows to your vision while driving. So be sure to get a microfibre glass towel when next you’re stocking up on cleaning supplies.
  1. GRIT GUARD: Considering the simple but effective role a grit guard plays, it is a bit surprising that more car owners don’t own one. Just as the name suggests, a grit guard is designed to keep grit trapped at the bottom of the bucket. This reduces the chance of carrying dirt in your washcloth, and nasty scratches on the car paint while scrubbing. It’s a very affordable item, too, so get one that fits your buckets before your next wash.
  1. WHEEL BRUSH: The tires can be tricky to wash, but the job gets a bit easier when you have the right cleaning supplies. A must-have for cleaning your rims is a wheel brush. The long handles of the wheel brush mean you’ll be able to reach tough spots for a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to get a wheel brush made of soft material e.g., wool, so your rims are scratch-free and shiny after every wash.
  1. RAPID CLEAN AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS: The right cleaning accessories without the right washing soap would put you right back where you started. Fast Clean range of high-quality automotive products includes Auto Wash, Wash, and Wax. Degreaser, and so much more. These great products with microfibre cloths, a grit guard, and a wheel brush? Now, that’s a winning combination!


  1. DISH SOAP: You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth reiterating; dish soap is absolutely not an option for washing your car. It’s bad news for your car’s paint job because it’s an abrasive soap. Dish soap eats into the car’s protective topcoat, exposing the paint to streaks and scratches and giving your vehicle a dull look. Admittedly, it’s a slow process that happens over months, but why bother when you can get affordable options specifically made for cars from Rapid Clean?
  1. PAPER TOWELS: Whenever there’s a wet spot on your car paint or window you want to wipe off, paper towels should not be an option you consider. They aren’t as soft as they seem – their fibres are made from wood, after all – and they are notorious for leaving scratches on surfaces.
  1. PRESSURE WASHER: Using a highly pressurized flow of water on your delicate car paint at home may defeat the purpose of not going to the car wash. In the hands of a professional, a pressure washer can actually be a useful tool. However, if you are unaware of the necessary precautions before pointing it at your precious car, it could be a weapon of destruction, literally. A garden hose is a preferred alternative that achieves the desired effect without the paint job’s attending damage.
  1. HOUSEHOLD GLASS CLEANERS: Perhaps, they would be perfect for cleaning your car glass if they didn’t contain one chemical agent; ammonia. The presence of ammonia causes household glass cleaners to stream, stain, and discolour your windows and windshield. Also, if your car window is tinted, ammonia has a bad habit of causing the tint to peel over time. Hence, you are much better without it and should use products specially formulated for the purpose of washing your car glass.
  1. CHAMOIS LEATHER: Although they have become increasingly popular among car owners, chamois leather is far from the best option as it can be difficult to maintain. It also traps dirt between its fibres, which can contribute to nasty scratch marks. Opt for a microfibre cloth instead.


What do you think of these 5 cleaning supplies you should and shouldn’t use? Now that you know which cleaning supplies to use, and avoid, it’s time to get the ones you’re missing and give your car the wash it deserves. Remember that RapidClean is your one-stop provider of excellent automotive cleaning supplies. Browse through our range of products, and purchase as many as you need today.

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Your Car

Washing your car is an important aspect of owning a vehicle. How well you carry out the task can determine how much and how often you spend on maintenance. Contrary to what some people might think, washing your car can be a very simple task, particularly with the many quality products available.

You can get excellent results without ever patronising a car wash. However, you can easily end up with messy results that leave irritating spots, streaks, and marks. It all depends on the accuracy of the information that guides your washing process. We at RapidClean want you to get the best possible results, so read below common mistakes to avoid while washing your car.


You are probably reading this and thinking this can’t be right. Well, it is. While it’s understandable that you feel the temptation to clean your car during the hours the sun is at its hottest and brightest, it is for this very reason that you shouldn’t. Under sunlight, water will evaporate faster than you can wipe it off, leaving watermarks on your car’s body. The foam from the soap could also dry out before you have the chance to rinse it off, which causes spots you do not want.

The solution is simple; wait till the cooler hours of the day before you clean your car. You want to target sunrise or sunset, especially during summer when the sun is at its meanest. You also want to keep your vehicle out of the direct sunlight as much as possible; if there is any provision for you to do the cleaning under shaded cover, that’s where you want to be.


This may feel easy and convenient, or you could be thinking using kitchen soap or detergent is perfectly harmless. Regardless of your reason, ignore the urge to do this.

An essential part of car maintenance is using the right cleaning supplies because they are specifically built for that purpose. Kitchen soap and the likes aren’t, so they will eat into your car’s wax and paint with repeated use.

RapidClean has a great range of automotive cleaning detergents specially formulated to get the dirt off and keep paint on. Take advantage of our great products to give your car the gentle cleanse it deserves.


This is another common mistake people make when washing their vehicles. The best approach is to use one for soap and the other for water. This allows you to rinse your washcloth in clean water frequently, reducing the chances of scratching your paintwork with grit and dirt.


Here’s a fact that shouldn’t be a secret but somehow is: the order you wash your car matters. It matters almost as much as the cleaning supplies you use. And what is the right order? Cleaning the tires first and the body last.

The simple reason is that your car tire is the dirtiest part, and when you wash it last, you get sand and mud onto the car paint you’ve already cleaned. Instead of working against yourself, wash the tires first. Then rinse the car with water to get the dirt that splashes on the paint out, so you don’t leave scratches when you wash the body.

When you are done washing and it’s time to wipe the car down, the opposite order precedes, although the reasoning stays the same. Clean from top to bottom so you avoid the transfer of dirt from the tires and rims back onto the body.


The only reason you should do this is if you do not care about your car. If that’s not the case, then this is just a bad idea. It leaves your paint job vulnerable to scratches and streaks because the material is just too rough for your car. Remember that choice of cleaning supplies can make all the difference. You want to use a soft material with high absorbent quality. RapidClean sells perforated Polyvinyl Alcohol cloths that provide the delicate touch your automobile deserves.


Waxing your car to provide that extra layer of protection is a smart move, but only when done right. Most people feel the need to be overly generous with car wax, but it is not necessary. Also, it could be bad news for your paint in the long run.

A thin layer of wax will provide all the protection your car requires. And if it’s just too much trouble finding the right balance, the Rapid Clean Auto Wash and Wax formulation solves that problem for you. It has a soap and wax mix in the right proportion for a scratch-free, high shine finish.


Yes, bird poop is irritating, and you just want to scrape it off at first sight; we get it. However, there is a proper method of getting it off, and it involves lubrication. Bird poop is highly acidic, so it will eat into the paint when it dries. Spray on some lubricant or drench the washcloth in water, and hold over the poo stain for a while till it dissolves.


Keeping your car shiny and stainless can be an easy job. All it takes is the right clean supplies and proper washing techniques. Be sure to avoid the seven common mistakes listed above from now on. And for your cleaning supplies, contact us at RapidClean to get our top-of-the-line automotive cleaning products.

20 Essential Cleaning Supplies Every Home Must Have!

Everyone wants to come home to a sparkling clean apartment, but cleaning can be a chore when you don’t have the right cleaning supplies. It becomes even more of a herculean task when you have to improvise and end up with a little result for a lot of effort. Check out these 20 essential cleaning supplies every home must have!

Knowing the right supplies needed for your home might be a bit difficult, especially if you’ve just moved in. However, armed with the right tools, you can make your cleaning effortless and have a spic and span home to show off to friends in no time. Let this article be a guide to walk you through selecting your cleaning supplies.

The essential cleaning supplies include the tools and the cleaners.

Below are 10 cleaning agents you must have:
  1. Dishwashing liquid: An essential cleaning agent in any home, it is a must-have. It not only serves the obvious function of washing dishes but it can also be used to wipe down table surfaces or remove stains from carpets.
  2. Glass cleaner: Glass surfaces always tell their story when dirty; you can see the stains from dirty hands, dust and spills. It can be tricky to clean though, and if done lazily, can leave you worse than when you started. Glass cleaners are specially formulated for glass hence your best option.
  3. Toilet cleaners: Cleaning with plain detergents leaves you with unsightly watermarks after a few weeks and doesn’t get rid of tough stains. Toilet cleaners on the other hand do a better job!
  4. Bleach: Occasionally, that stubborn stain won’t budge despite thorough scrubbing. Your bleach will come in handy in such instances. You don’t want to have to rush down the store when that happens.
  5. Disinfectant: The home appears sparkly after cleaning with ordinary cleaners, right? However, it is never truly clean until you use a disinfectant to wipe out the microbes.
  6. All-purpose grease cleaner: Remember how frustrated you felt trying to get the grease stain out of your floor using soap? Getting grease stains out can be quite a chore. Having a grease cleaner will save you all that stress.
  7. Wood cleaner: It is surface specific for wood. All-purpose cleaners or other nonspecific cleaners can damage the wood. Imagine how horrific it will be to damage your fine finish or antiquated wood with the wrong cleaner.
  8. All-purpose cleaners: As the name suggests, it is handy for most general cleaning. It is a very useful cleaner to have around. It generally takes care of dust, grime, and dirt.
  9. White vinegar: Vinegar is a great cleaner to have around. It dissolves grease and removes dirt effectively. Most cleaning hacks involve the use of vinegar.
  10. Baking soda: Baking soda is so useful. Asides from its limitless use as a baking ingredient in the kitchen, it is a handy cleaner, and can also be used to absorb odors.
The Cleaning equipment and tools

Having the right tools makes cleaning a piece of cake. It makes all the difference! It is important to note that various kinds of these tools exist and that the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal vary across brands. However, you can always get the best quality and affordable cleaning supplies here at RapidClean.

Here are 10 tools you’ll need for cleaning:
  1. Vacuum cleaner: This goes without saying. Whether or not you have carpeted floors, vacuuming is something you will be doing. If you have pets in your home, investing in a good vacuum cleaner is a smart decision.
  2. Bucket: It is a multipurpose tool when you are cleaning. It can serve as a caddy to carry other cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to go back and forth to get them while cleaning. It can also double as a mop bucket.
  3. Rubber gloves: This tool will save you from the cost of treating hand eczema or a fungal infection (all that water and grime can cause damage to your hands). It is cheap to buy and a better substitute for latex or nitrile gloves which you have to change often. Note that you will need more than a pair of rubber gloves. Get at least two, with a spare one for use in the kitchen.
  4. Toilet brush and holder: A bristle toilet brush will help get off all that dirt, giving you a sparkly toilet bowl.
  5. Broom and dustpan: You need this pair to get rid of dust, dirt, fur, and what have you off the floor. It is even more essential if the floor isn’t carpeted. The broom can be used to get rid of cobwebs as well.
  6. A mop: A flat mop or dust mop is a great tool to have around.
  7. Squeegee: Some of this comes with a suction attachment you can attach to the wall and use as required. It is essential in the bathroom to reduce the build-up of soap scum on the tile. It helps save up time and energy when cleaning the bath.
  8. Microfiber cloths: These are lintless materials. They are a gem to have while cleaning. They are gentle enough to clean any surface without leaving scratches behind.
  9. Lint roller: Lint can be a nuisance on surfaces, especially in the living room. That is why you need a lint roller. Running a lint roller over the couch and covers made of fabric helps deal with it.
  10. Towels: Paper and cloth towels are needed to wipe off small spills.

The hack to keeping your home flawlessly clean at all times is to have the essential tools.

RapidClean is your one-stop shop for cleaning supplies! Contact us now!

Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for a Sparkling Home

A clean home brings more comfort and safety to your living conditions. As a homeowner, one of your priorities should be keeping your home free from germs. You can only achieve this with the right cleaning supplies, check out these eight must-have cleaning supplies!

You want to ensure that your cleaning supplies are not only effective but also safe, eco-friendly and affordable.

Here are eight must-have cleaning supplies for a clean home.

An eco-friendly cleaning solution

The variety of cleaning solutions can be overwhelming. So how do you weed out the bad ones? It’s safer for you, your family, and the environment to go for eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Stay away from cleaning products with harmful chemicals or toxins. These products are dangerous to your health, cause air pollution and leave residue on surfaces that may get into your food.

Once you’ve found an eco-friendly option, you can make your life easier by getting an all-purpose cleaner.

Reusable latex or rubber gloves

These gloves come in handy when you want to do some deep cleaning. Gloves can keep your hands soft and protected from cleaning solutions that can be hard on the skin. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about the cost. It’s easy to find affordable reusable gloves from a reputable supplier such as RapidClean.

A sturdy bucket

Part of your cleaning supplies should include a strong bucket. It can be used for mopping, other household tasks, and even storing your cleaning supplies for easy movement.

A spray bottle

Every homeowner needs a spray bottle. Not only is it useful for mixing or making your own cleaning solutions, but you can also conveniently reach hidden corners and tackle tougher stains with a spray bottle.


Every home needs a versatile vacuum like the RapidClean Barrel Vacuum—especially when you have carpets. A vacuum should be part of your cleaning supplies and can remove dirt from your home. Find one that is compact, energy-efficient, durable, and easy to use.

Sponge mop

Sponge mops bring convenience to cleaning. The days of heavy mops with rolling buckets have been replaced with this simple staple. A sponge mop can effectively clean your space whether you have a wood or tiled floor in your home.

A scourer sponge

Stuck with tough stains around your house and on your cookware? The scourer sponge has you covered, they’re tough on stains yet gentle on delicate surfaces. These sponges are usually sold in multi-packs and are super affordable.

Microfiber cloths and towels

After a thorough cleaning, you should wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth or towel. They get rid of dust, don’t scratch surfaces, and require little water. So, it’s safe to use in any area of your home.

You can get a variety of cleaning supplies from RapidClean. From cleaning solutions and equipment to washroom supplies. All products are eco-friendly, durable and affordable. Visit our website to find all the cleaning supplies you need.

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your home should be a priority to keep it in good shape and using the right cleaning supplies will help make your home maintenance easier than ever. Here’s how to choose the best cleaning supplies for your family.

Unfortunately, not every cleaning product on the market is safe, as many cleaning supplies are corrosive and contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals can lead to indoor air pollution, they can damage your floor, countertops, and furniture, and even lead to food poisoning.

Find out how to choose the best cleaning supplies below.

Read the label

Do not overlook this step when shopping for cleaning supplies. If the label is ambiguous or has little information on the ingredients, it’s not the right choice for your household.

Transparency is important when looking for a safe product to use. To stay on the safer side, ensure the cleaning product you buy gives you enough information on its composition. That way, you can make an informed decision about the chemicals you use in your home.

Know what to avoid

You need to know the ingredients you must stay away from. Here are some of the common culprits:

Ammonia – It’s toxic when inhaled, swallowed, or touched and can cause respiratory allergies.

Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl – These are found in most cleaning supplies and are potentially dangerous to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys.

Chlorine Bleach – Can cause irritation to the eyes and lungs. It is corrosive and should be avoided at all costs.

Petroleum Solvents – Many cleaning supplies contain petroleum, commonly referred to as surfactants.

Phthalates – Some fragrances used in cleaning supplies can cause hormonal imbalances. They can be found in candles and shampoos as well as cleaning agents. It’s best to avoid artificial scents at all costs.

Avoid any product with terms like Danger, Warning, Caution, or Corrosive.

Don’t fall for label tricks

Good knowledge of the harmful substances contained in cleaning supplies can help you avoid them. You can also spot any tricks or misleading labels.

Look for green cleaning products

Many people are becoming more environmentally conscious and opting for safer choices. Eco-friendly products work and are effective if you have the right cleaning tools such as a mop and scrubbing brushes.

You and your family can enjoy the following benefits with green cleaning supplies:

  • Less impact on the environment.
  • Healthier surroundings.
  • There’s zero-to-no air or water pollution with green products, so you can enjoy good health and avoid the toxins in harsh chemicals.
  • Save money.

An eco-friendly product, unlike popular belief, is affordable. In fact, you can even save money by avoiding repairs or damages caused by harsh products—whether to your household or your health.

Finally, there’s really no valid reason not to purchase safe, effective, and eco-friendly products. We stock a variety of high-quality cleaning supplies safe for you and your loved ones.

Important questions to ask when buying cleaning supplies

Do you know the important questions to ask when buying cleaning supplies? Keeping our surroundings clean is important to keep us safe, but it’s not uncommon for the cleaning supplies that we use to not be efficient. This can be due to several reasons.

To avoid such cases where no amount of cleaning gets your space clean, you need to buy the right supplies. To do this, there are some important questions that you should ask yourself before buying cleaning products.

Important questions to ask when buying cleaning supplies.

Four important questions to ask when buying cleaning supplies:

What type of dirt will you be cleaning?

This is very important because different products clean different kinds of dirt. Take for example, a hospital and a home, both very different places, but both of them have dirt. Both places need proper cleaning to keep the occupants safe. The cleaning supplies that are used at home may not suffice in a hospital setting. The same goes for a garage, for instance, where there could be a lot of grease.

Knowing the type of dirt that you’ll be cleaning will help you get products that get the job done. You’ll also only use small quantities of the correct product to break down more dirt.

Are there pathogens where you clean?

Other than dirt, there can also be different pathogens in the space where you want to clean. These pathogens can cause diseases that may create more health problems. A good example of places where there may be pathogens is a hospital. Knowing whether there are pathogens in a space where you want to clean will help prevent the spread of disease. This will ensure that everyone who has access to that space is safe and protected.

What is the mode of application?

There are many different ways to use cleaning supplies. Some just need to be poured on surfaces and wiped off. Others are a little more complicated than that. For these types of cleaning supplies, instructions can include diluting the solution. You may also be required to wear protective gear, or not to mix the product with something else.

If you need a cleaning product to sanitize a space that has a lot of foot traffic you may need something easy to use. Cleaning wipes for instance can help.

What are the ingredients?

It is very important to look into the contents of the cleaning supplies that you buy. The last thing you want is for your household to suffer the negative effects of a product you use in cleaning. Some products sometimes contain harmful ingredients and should be listed on the labels. Along with the listing, there should be warnings against improper use.

Good quality cleaning supplies often have the contents well-listed on the label. This helps to prevent chances of exposure to allergens and harmful substances.

Where to shop for cleaning supplies

If you’re looking for cleaning supplies that you can trust, RapidClean is the place to be. We have a wide range of cleaning supplies from all your favourite brand names. Visit our website today and shop for the best quality of cleaning supplies.

Must-Have Home Cleaning Supplies

What are the best must-have home cleaning supplies? Whether you are a busy family looking for essential cleaning supplies, or you are a new house owner ready to outfit your cleaning compartment, we have a helpful list for you.

A clean house not only brings peace of mind, but it also contributes to the freshness of the environment. Cleaning can be a pain sometimes, however with high quality cleaning supplies, everything falls into place.

In this blog, we have listed three types of the best must-have home cleaning supplies. Read on!

The best must-have home cleaning supplies.

Bathroom cleaning supplies

We all know that the bathroom is the one place in your house that often gets dirty. The surfaces in your bathroom can hold onto bacteria for a long time. However, to get rid of those nasty germs, you can make use of good quality disinfectant wipes to kill almost 99% of the microbes.

When it comes to cleaning your toilet bowl, we suggest using a bathroom cleaning solution and a giant toilet bowl brush. By applying the cleaning product on the toilet bowl brush and twirling it around the bowl, you can get rid of rings and unpleasant stains around the toilet bowl.

However, if you want your toilet to be cleaned after every flush, you can buy a bleaching cleansing tablet. Further, for tile floors, you should use a steam mop. And for cleaning your bathtub, look for a grime cleaning solution and a soap scum cleaning agent.

Bathroom cleaning supplies include:

  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Vacuum or mop
  • Grout and tile cleaner

Living room, common area, or bedroom cleaning supplies

If you want your furniture to shine exactly like the day you bought it, then you must clean your furniture daily with furniture wipes. Further, for cleaning your floor, you should use scented floor cleaners.

However, if you do not have a hardwood floor installed in your house, you can trust an odour or stain removal solution to eliminate gross stains and odours. Moreover, in order to bring your bedroom or living room back to life, you can use a scented carpet cleaner and a powered vacuum cleaner.

Bedroom, living room, common area cleaning supplies include:

  • A vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Mop (for hard floors)
  • Long-handled duster
  • Lint brush
  • Empty trash bags or boxes
  • Floor cleaner
  • Glass cleaner

Kitchen Area Cleaning Supplies

Who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen? Nobody, right?

To remove fingerprints and streak marks from your kitchen appliances while ensuring no damage, you should use a stainless steel cleaning solution. Further, with a multi-surface disinfectant solution, you can keep the countertops of your kitchen clean.

To get rid of dust from your kitchen, try dusting wipes or microfiber cloths to give your kitchen a clean and dust-free look.

All of these solutions not only make your kitchen look cleaner, but they also help you to get rid of the nasty germs.

Kitchen cleaning supplies include:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Oven cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner (if you have stainless steel appliances)
  • Scrubbing sponges
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Warm water mixed with a basic dishwashing soap (for stone countertops)
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to live in a house full of nasty bacteria and dirt, it is not only a mood buster but also affects your health and productivity. Therefore, cleaning is vital. So if you are looking to buy some cleaning supplies for your house, then RapidClean is there to help you with all your cleaning needs.

RapidClean is a trusted cleaning supply company that sells high-quality cleaning products and equipment at reasonable prices. Get in contact with us now today. Happy Cleaning!

The Best Cleaning Supplies and Materials

The best cleaning supplies and materials are a must-have in every home. Having the right products can help you get the work done easily and without much scrubbing. However, not all cleaning supplies and materials are good for the home.

At RapidClean, we provide a range of cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly, efficient and easy to use. From all-purpose cleaners to vacuums, mops and spray cleaners. With over 65 stores in Australia and New Zealand, you can be sure that we have got you all covered.

That said, below is a list of must-have cleaning supplies for stress-free cleaning in your home and office.

The best cleaning supplies and materials are a must-have in every home.

5 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Every Home

Below are different categories of cleaning supplies that you need to keep your environment squeaky clean.

Cleaning Accessories

This set of cleaning supplies are mostly used for manual cleaning and washing of window and floor surfaces. Ranging from brooms, brush wares, dusters, mops, wipes, cloths, sponges, scourers, carts and accessories, buckets, spray bottles and triggers.

Cleaning Equipment

We stock a variety of affordable cleaning equipment that is efficient, easy to use and durable. The equipment can provide a deep cleaning of your environment to get rid of all kinds of dust and dirt.

Equipment can include; carpet cleaners, pressure washers, washroom supplies, scrubbers, steam cleaners, vacuums and more! Helping you achieve stress-free cleaning.

Cleaning Solutions

At RapidClean, we offer the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions, made from biodegradable materials. Our solutions are harmless, yet strong enough to dissolve the toughest stain and keep your environment clean.

They include multi-purpose detergents, air fresheners, hard floor cleaners, vinegar, fabric softeners, soaker, stain removers, industrial cleaning solutions, etc.

Pest Control

Whether you want to repel pests or fumigate your home, we provide the best pest control solutions. We offer a huge range of pest control supplies to keep your home comfortable and free from pests.

Waste Management

Cleaning and scrubbing are not enough to keep the home clean without proper waste management. Waste management aids reduce the spread of germs in the home or office and helps for proper evacuation. We provide waste management supplies to help keep your home clean and free of waste.

That said, it is also good to note that you don’t have to buy all items on the list. The most important factor is that you have the essential products and materials.

If you are looking for guidance, click here to get in touch with any of our experts.

Happy cleaning!

The Best Automotive Cleaning Supplies Money Can Buy

There are tons of cleaning supplies out there, make you choose the best ones to keep your car in tip-top shape!

We spend a lot of time in our cars. So much so that when our cars are dirty or stuffy we start to feel uncomfortable. This is when we know that it’s time for a thorough clean.

It is always recommended to wash your car regularly as part of your car’s maintenance. Washing your car often can help you reduce the chances of breaking down. This is because washing your car, gets rid of any dirt and dust that can accumulate in certain nooks and crannies. Dust and dirt particles can cause mechanical problems if left to accumulate for a long time.

While it’s advisable to wash your car often, you shouldn’t use incorrect car cleaning supplies. This is because you may expose your car to chemicals that can harm its parts. Worse yet, you may end up using cleaning products that don’t get the job done.

Features of the best automotive cleaning supplies:

You need to use the best quality auto cleaning supplies to ensure the longevity of your car. To ensure this, you need to look out for certain attributes in your car cleaning products. For example, you need a cleaning solution that will de-grease your car’s engine components without corrosion. Grease attracts dust and over time, the dust can cause a breakdown.

Getting a product that can break down dirt in one wash will save you a lot of money and time. You should also consider products that are safe to use on all car surfaces. Cleaning supplies also have chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

Why choose RapidClean automotive cleaning supplies?

RapidClean has an impressive range of car cleaning supplies that will change how you clean your car. Our range of automotive cleaning products performs cleaning actions such as washing, degreasing, reviving and waxing. We also have products that will not only wash your car but also leave it shiny. The best part about these products is that most of them perform a combination of the above tasks.

Our automotive cleaning supplies catalogue has products that are safe to use on all car surfaces. These include the mild steel cast, aluminium and galvanized surfaces found in car parts.

The products are also water-based. They contain a mixture of detergents, specialty solvents and corrosion inhibitors. All these ingredients are formulated to ensure you get deep cleaning action with every wash.

Our automotive cleaning supplies are safe for use by people who prefer to wash their own cars. Or even large car wash service providers who clean lots of different car types. Whatever your car cleaning needs, RapidClean has the products that can get it done. So visit our website, browse our catalogue and find the best cleaning supplies today!