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NQ Cleaning & Paints

NQ Cleaning & Paints was established about 25 years ago (formerly North Queensland Chemicals & Paints) ago and caters for a broad range of customers.

Cleaning Products
We sell a wide range of cleaning products for all sectors of the market including household and industrial. These include our own branded products which are manufactured to the highest standards by a number of companies. We carry in our range some citrus-based biodegradable cleaning products as well as a diverse range of specialty chemicals. We also stock a full range of cleaning accessories.

In addition, the company provides specialist expertise in the paint industry. We stock House paints, Industrial paints, automotive paints, Marine paints, and Paint equipment and preparation and painting accessories.

Take a look at our catalogue for details of our range of products.

RapidClean Mackay has 20 experienced staff ready to assist you with any of your needs.