Vogue Stainless Steel 2 Tier Clearing Trolley

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Capacity: 128kg maximum.

Built from a heavy duty stainless steel, this two tier trolley from Vogue has he strength to withstand constant in busy environments, from catering to hospitality. The large wheels glide over uneven surfaces, such as tiled floors, making it easy to transport around any venue, delivering food, drinks, book, desserts and more. Easy to clean for effortless hygiene, the trolley is perfect for any restaurants, hotel, hospital and more. Material: Stainless steel.

This two tier clearing trolley from Vogue glides over uneven flooring to help you to clear tables and transport food, books and more with ease. The stainless steel construction makes the trolley easy to clean and extremely durable, helping it to withstand constant use. Large wheels make it comfortable to push on uneven or hard surfaces, soaking up the bumps to protect any food contents too.

Size S: 825(H) x 710(W) x 405(D)mm. Capacity: 128kg
Size M: 810(H) x 855(W) x 455(D)mm. Capacity: 128kg
Size: 930(H) x 860(W) x 535(D)mm. Capacity: 128kg