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Unger Pure Water Cleaning

Unger nLite is a clever and unique combination of lightweight carbon fibre-based poles with incredible strength and rigidty that can be extended with modular extension poles to reach as high as 20 metres – the equivilent to a six storey building. Contact us to get your quote today.

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1. Three optional grades of pole depending on the intended use. The grade differneces are in the carbon values. The entry level Hybrid is a glass fibre/carbon composite. The mid-range is 100% carbon fibre. The ultimate is the high modulas carbon fibre pole for the ulimate in rigidity and super-lightness. 2. This system is based on a 4-section, telescopic Master pole in any of the three grades which can extend to 6.63m. To create even longer poles, 2 section telescopic extension poles in any of the three poly styles can each extend a further 3.41m. 3. Different grades can be mixed and matched to achieve optimal poles for given heights and the most economic pole for a given job.



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