Tork A1 Air Freshener Refills

Innovative odour control system eliminates orders using an intelligent Tork A1 dispensing system

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Tork A1 Air Freshener Refills

Tork A1 Air Freshener Refills are designed for use with your Tork A1 system to ensure the air is fresh and smells pleasant. Each bottle contains a concentrated fragrance oil combined with odour neutralising agents to eliminate odours instead of simply masking them. Stock up all at once with this 12 pack.

  • Each refill contains 75 mL, which can deliver up to 3,000 sprays.
  • You can use it in bathrooms and other shared spaces to ensure the air is always fresh.
  • The formula neutralises and controls odours while also containing a pleasant fragrance.
  • These refills are designed for use in your Tork A1 Air Freshener Dispenser.
  • This 12 pack contains an assortment of citrus, floral and fruit refills.

Tork A1 odour control system eliminates odours with an air freshener that actively neutralises the smell and does not just mask. Dispenses from an innovative programmable dispensing system. Can be set last 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the setting

A1 Spray

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