Swisstrade Fair CosmEthics SHAPE

Swisstrade Fair CosmEthics featuring Fairtrade certified cane sugar, Brazil nut oil & olive oil across a range of Shampoo, Conditioners, and Soap.

Swisstrade SHAPE Dispenser Fair CosmEthics

Enriched with Fairtrade-certified cane sugar, Brazil nut oil, and olive oil carry the renowned Fairtrade seal and guarantee delightful moments with a clear conscience. Fresh and fruity scents vitalise the senses – frisky and floral notes embraced by warm flavours of fine woods give character and individuality to this composition.

Engineered for precise, effortless dispensing, a simple finger press is all it takes, with no drips – it’s clean and efficient. The secured pump lock prevents germs from entering the interior of the cartridge, so hotel guests enjoy maximum hygiene and safety.

Swisstrade SHAPE Dispensers provide:

  • Maximum hygiene
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Tamper and pilfer-proof
  • Invisible bracket system

Plastic and liquid waste are reduced by 85% and hoteliers save approximately 40% in costs compared to small portions.
– 100% recyclable packaging
– Invisible wall-bracket
– Tamper and pilfer proof

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