SEKO DispenserONE® 25L Smart Hand Sanitising System

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SEKO DispenserONE® Hand Sanitising System

With regular hand disinfection set to become a normal part of our daily habits, large-scale operations such as airports and shopping malls can’t possibly manage the constant replenishment of
sanitizer and batteries required when using traditional 500ml or 1000ml dispensers.

So how can operators keep visitors safe?

SEKO has the solution – DispenserONE

Huge capacity:
A standard 500ml sanitizer dispenser provides just 500 doses, meaning that, in large-scale operations, unless units are regularly replenished they will quickly run dry and leave building users unprotected.

DispenserONE® solves this issue, with a high-capacity tank allowing up to 25 litres of sanitizer to be connected – that’s 25,000 doses on average, vastly reducing the replenishment rate and easing pressure on maintenance personnel.

In addition, by ensuring users always have access to sanitizer, the operator provides reassurance that visitors’ well being is of paramount importance in the wake of coronavirus, projecting a responsible, COVIDsecure brand image.

Mains powered
Traditional automatic dispensers require batteries to be routinely replaced – a task that is time consuming, environmentally unfriendly and, if not carried out regularly, puts dispensers at risk of being left out of service. Ultimately, this places the end user at risk of infection and affects their confidence in the building or business operator.
With connection to mains electricity, DispenserONE® frees operators of their reliance on batteries, guarantees continuous use and removes the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Peristaltic pump driven
A common problem encountered with standard sanitizer dispensers is that the harsh delivery of the chemical causes ‘splashing’ from the nozzle, putting children and wheelchair users at risk of eye injury or irritation. Using SEKO’s in-house peristaltic pump, refined over decades and known for its dosing consistency, versatility and reliability, DispenserONE® is capable of single shot fine adjustment. This feature, adjustable via Wi-Fi, ensures ‘soft’ delivery of sanitizer, avoiding unwanted splashes and keeping users safe.

Touchless technology
For the ultimate hand hygiene and user safety, DispenserONE® helps to prevent the transmission of viruses with its automatic sensor-activated delivery.
This technology also ensures that users receive the correct quantity of sanitizer every time, ensuring proper hand sanitization while reducing the wastage associated with manually-operated units.

Remote access
Embracing the latest IoT technology, DispenserONE® includes a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing operators to track usage, check chemical level, view operational status and schedule maintenance from anywhere via PC, laptop or smart device. The freedom to manage DispenserONE® from any location means operators working from home can view data and make adjustments immediately and minimize costly unplanned downtime by identifying and correcting issues before they lead to system failure. And by monitoring usage data on demand, managers can facilitate control of sanitizer stock and make informed decisions on the need for additional systems as foot traffic changes.

Flexible product choice
DispenserONE®’s compatibility with both liquid and gel sanitizer means operators are no longer bound to a single product, so in the event of the existing sanitizer type becoming unavailable, an alternative can be connected without interruption to service.

Enhanced user experience
A plentiful supply of sanitizer not only helps guarantee every visitor has access to hand hygiene when they need it, it also instils confidence and reassurance that the building is COVID secure.
For commercial enterprises, such as shopping malls and transport hubs, DispenserONE®’s 25-litre tank capacity and mains-powered operation ensures sanitizer is always on hand for a positive user experience that reflects well on the brand.

Minimal maintenance
By vastly reducing the time spent by maintenance personnel on replenishing sanitizer and eliminating the need for changing batteries, DispenserONE® enables running costs to be cut significantly and investment to be allocated elsewhere.

Total product protection, with secure door locks to deter and prevent tampering or theft.

Environmentally friendly
The negative environmental impact of the regular disposal of batteries and empty sanitizer cartridges associated with traditional sanitizer dispensers is a thing of the past thanks to  ispenserONE®, helping businesses to achieve and maintain sustainable operations alongside COVID security.

A solution for all
With its delivery nozzle located at a height suitable for children and wheelchair users and touch free dispensing meaning no manual pumping is required, DispenserONE® has been designed with
every user in mind.

Stylish, robust design
Its durable yet sleek metal enclosure makes DispenserONE® suitable for every kind of facility, from airports to supermarkets.

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