RapidClean Urinal Screen 30 Days

  • 30 Day performance
  • Packs of 1
  • Cartons of 60
  • 5 Fresh scents
  • Designed for water and water-less urinals
  • Two-sided anti-splash texture


RapidClean Urinal Screen 30 Days

RapidClean 30-Day Urinal Screens have a two-sided anti-splash texture, preventing splashback and cross-contamination of urine to other areas outside the restroom.

Extremely flexible to allow proper fit to any urinal contour. The translucent design allows total viewing of the drain to ensure it remains free-flowing and safe for use in waterless urinals.

Choose from Mango Bay, Mountain Air, Melon Mist or Sunburst scents.




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