MatTek Maxi Grip Mat

Raised gripper surface provides a high level of traction in slippery areas
Nitrile rubber compound resists the damaging effects of oils, grease and fats

SKU: Mattek Maxi Grip Mat

MatTek Maxi Grip Mat

The MatTek Maxi Grip Mat provides a high level of traction in slippery areas. Its raised discs have additional grippers to create maximum friction and prevent slips, trips, and falls. This mat has a low profile, making it inconspicuous and unlikely to create a trip hazard.


The Maxi Grip is made from nitrile rubber that is resistant to grease and chemicals. The raised discs provide both friction and water drainage. It is available in 3 standard sizes.


This mat is suitable for use in commercial kitchens and other busy workplaces that handle grease and liquids. It can be used in high traffic areas inside or outside.


• Raised discs with grippers to provide superior traction
• Low profile prevents trip accidents
• Grease and oil resistant
• Non slip rubber material

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