MatTek Absorba Mat

MatTek Absorba Mat is a Heavy Duty Mat for High Traffic Areas

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MatTek Absorba Mat

The MatTek Absorba mat protects floors from dirt and water that travels inside on the soles of shoes. Its bi-level construction scrapes shoes and its carpet surface absorbs more water than any other entrance mat. Water and particles are contained in the raised edges, keeping cleaning efforts to a minimum. Made from a highly absorbent carpet material, this entrance mat can be custom-sized to fit into any mat recess, or be laid loose on the floor.


The Absorba mat is made from a combination of recycled polypropylene and rubber. The polypropylene is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and the rubber is eco-friendly nitrile, 20% of which used to be car tyres.


The MatTek Absorba is perfect for use inside busy entranceways. It can withstand very high traffic levels and will not crush under heavy weight. This mat should not be used outside in very wet areas.


• Protects against slips, trips and falls
• Highest level of absorbency on the market
• Rubber backing keeps loose-laid mat in place
• Sustainably made
• Suitable for high traffic inside areas

Absorba Mat

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