JDE Coffee L’OR Supremo Coffee Capsules

A blend full of contrasts, L’OR Espresso Supremo is full of pleasant smokiness with sweet fruitiness too. Remarkably round despite its dark and deeply roasted profile, it is unexpected in every moment. These capsules are compatible with Nespresso* Coffee Machines.

SKU: 4028625

JDE Coffee L’OR Supremo Capsules

Supremo is a blend full of contrasts. Its pleasant smokiness takes you to a room full of tobacco leaves – dry but fragrant.

This is contrasted with rich, buttery notes. And amongst it, there are flavours of fruitiness too. Light and sweet strawberries form part of its full and complex profile.


Fruity sweetness with deeply roasted notes.


For a deeply roasted coffee, it is remarkably round. Expect the unexpected in every moment of drinking Supremo – a coffee with a powerful edge that keeps you guessing.



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