JDE Coffee L’OR Espresso – Lungo Profondo Coffee Capsules

A journey of taste from start to finish with a medium roast taken right to the edge of dark. Deeper hints of chocolate and nuts, then light toasty notes, contrasted with soft fruitiness. A lingering, distinct aftertaste keeps you yearning for more.

JDE Coffee L’OR Lungo Profondo Coffee Capsules

A blend artfully designed by L’OR Coffee Artists to take you on a journey of taste. The coffee flavours change from the start until the finish. Beginning with sharp acidity, then moving into deeper, chocolate and nut notes.

On the journey it is taken right to the edge of medium roast, stopping on the doorstep of high roast. Along the way, its light toasty notes are contrasted with the soft fruitiness of prunes and raisins.


Light, hints of deep chocolate and toasty nuts.


The journey is an adventure in taste and aroma. As it departs, it leaves behind a distinct aftertaste, lingering for long enough to draw you in and keep you yearning for more.


Compatible with L’OR BARISTA® coffee machines, and specially designed to be used with most Nespresso®* Original coffee machines

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