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Diversey TASKI Vectra Sealer

Diversey TASKI Vectra Sealer

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Diversey TASKI Vectra Sealer

Diversey TASKI Vectra Sealer is a high performance fast curing floor finish for use on all internal resilient floors such as vinyl and porous composite tiles. TASKI® Vectra delivers diamond like brilliance and clarity across a wide variety of surfaces. TASKI® Vectra can be top coated over any Diversey sealer for even more flexible floorcare solutions.

• Can be used as a scrub and recoat finish.
• Resists scuffing, dirt and marking.
• TASKI® Vectra gives high levels of gloss, durability and good levelling.
• Suitable for most types of floors.
• Easy to maintain.
• Diamond like brilliance and clarity.

• TASKI® Vectra is fast curing and extremely hard, with excellent adhesion and scuff resistance which reduces the need for re-coats, saving time and labour.
• Resists black heel marks and scuffs.
• Responds well to spray buffing which means floor will retain its gloss for longer between re-coats.
• Excellent gloss and clarity ensuring long term floor appearance.

Application areas
• Retail
• Education
• Government
• Healthcare
• Institutional Facilities


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