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Keep Your Workplace Hygienic & Safe With RapidClean

Workplace Hygiene has never been more important. With an increased focus on workplace hygiene and safety within Australia, it is important to ensure your business has the essential products to maintain a safe environment for your staff and customers.

RapidClean can provide your business with a wide range of hygiene product solutions!

Wipes & Cleaning Accessories

Featured Products

Oates Bac-Off Antibacterial Microfibre Wet Wipes

BAC-OFF is a unique ready-to-use Microfibre wipe, combined with a disinfectant. Cleans and disinfects in one step. It has a revolutionary new 32 pie split microfibre. BAC-OFF kills 99.99% bacteria. Hygienically cleans surfaces and leaves pleasant citrus fragrance. BAC-OFF is suitable for use in Medical centres (to clean non-medical and non-porous hard surfaces), Hospitality & office spaces, Gym, and sports centres, Childcare & play centres and Kitchens (to clean non-food contact hard surfaces)

MEDIQ Alcohol Based Antibacterial Wipes

MEDIQ antibacterial wipes are designed to provide instant cleansing and protection by killing 99.9% of germs.

Ideal for your travel bag, home, car or office for a peace of mind clean

  • 75% Alcohol
  • Soft pack, flip top
  • Killing 99.9% of germs

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Cleaning Solutions

Featured Products

Whiteley Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Diversey Virex II Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

A quaternary-based Hospital Grade Disinfectant and deodoriser effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas, E.coli, HBV, HIV-1, Influenza A, Avian Influenza, Human coronavirus 229E. Designed for cleaning and disinfecting hard non-porous surfaces found in hospitals, nursing homes, child care centres, schools and medical laboratories where disinfection and prevention of cross contamination are critical. 5L of Virex II makes 1285 ready to use Litres

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Personal Hygiene

Featured Products

Whiteley Sanitol Jade Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

Hand Hygiene has never been more important. With an increased focus on hand hygiene and sanitising within the community, it is important to ensure your facility has hand hygiene products positioned in front entrances, offices and common areas for optimal results. Sanitol is a uniquely formulated antibacterial hand sanitiser designed to prevent the spread of harmful germs.

  • Exciting new fragrance
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Contains natural emollients
  • Leaves hands soft and revitalised

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PPE & Safety

Featured Products

Cleanstar Face Shield


  • Remove the protective film before using
  • Prevents fluid splash or dust
  • Anti fog treatment on both sides of the mask
  • Latex sponge design reduce extrusion
  • Product complies with RoHS and CE

Cleaning Equipment

Featured Products

UNGER Stingray OS Kit

The Stingray QuikPad is suitable for use with standard disinfectants.

  • Removes up to 99.9 percent of pathogens in combination with disinfectants
  • Cleaning can be done up to 25% faster with 39% less detergent consumption
  • Ready for immediate use and easy to operate – minimizes extensive training
  • Ergonomic and safe: no inhalation of spray mist, simple operation
  • Flexible use with all alcohol-based glass and surface cleaners and disinfectants

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