Get the Best Cleaning Supplies and Materials

Whether you are doing a regular house/office cleaning, moving to a new home/apartment, cleaning your pet’s mess, or just looking to stock up your cleaning supplies. You just can’t do without a piece of cleaning equipment that gets the surfaces sparkling clean and is also harmless to your health.

Cleaning supplies are a must-have in every home, they help you get the work done easily and without much scrubbing. However, not all cleaning supplies and materials are good for the home.

At Rapid Clean, we provide a range of cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly, efficient and easy to use. From all-purpose cleaners to vacuums, mops and spray cleaners. With over 65 stores in Australia and New Zealand owned by cleaning supplies experts, you can be sure that we have got you all covered.

That said, below is a list of must-have cleaning supplies for stress-free cleaning in your homes, offices and the entire environment.

5 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Every Home

Below are different categories of cleaning supplies that you need to keep your environment squeaky clean, while also maintaining all-around safety and proper waste management.

Cleaning Accessories

This set of cleaning supplies are mostly used for manual cleaning and washing of window and floor surfaces, laundry, lawn and wherever that needs to be cleaned. They range from brooms, brush wares, dusters, mops, wipes, cloths, sponges, scourers, carts and accessories, buckets, spray bottles and triggers.

Cleaning Equipment

We stock a variety of affordable cleaning equipment that is efficient, easy to use and durable. They help you to provide deep cleaning of your environment to get rid of all kinds of dust and dirt that a manual cleaning might not have done justice to.

They include; carpet cleaners, pressure washers, washroom supplies, scrubbers, steam cleaners, vacuums and other speciality cleaning tools and their accessories to help you achieve stress-free cleaning.

Cleaning Solutions

At Rapid Clean, we offer the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions, made from biodegradable materials. Our solutions are harmless, yet strong enough to dissolve the toughest stains, wipes the dirt, leaves a sweet-smelling fragrance and keep your environments good as new.

They include multi-purpose detergents, air fresheners, hard floor cleaners, vinegar, fabric softeners, soaker, stain removers, industrial cleaning solutions, etc.

Pest Control

Whether you want to repel pests or fumigate your home and environment against pests, we provide the best pest control solutions and services to help you control the spread of rodents, bugs, and insects in your surroundings. Our pest control supplies range from insecticides, insect repellants, baits and traps and fumigators to keep your home comfortable and free from pests.

Waste Management

Cleaning and scrubbing are not enough to keep the home clean without proper waste management. Waste management aids for lesser cleaning reduces the spread of germs in the home/office and helps for proper evacuation. We provide waste management supplies like bins, bin liners, garbage bags and speciality waste services to keep your home clean and free from disease-causing waste.

That said, it is also good to note that you don’t have to buy all items on the list. You can have a squeaky-clean home even with fewer cleaning supplies, the most important factor is that you have the essential products and materials. If you are looking for guidance on which of the cleaning supplies to get, you can click here to get in touch with any of our experts.

Happy cleaning!

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