Considering Safety

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, but really the one thing that cleanliness really aligns itself with is safety. Regular cleaning keeps people safe from potential diseases, sickness or infections and ensures that people do not have accidents from slipping on dust, dirt, grease or other waste. Safety though is not just about keeping clean, it is important that those doing the cleaning are safe as well, which is why when ordering cleaning supplies, safety supplies should make up part of the order. Having the right PPE and cleaning supplies for different hazards is important, for example if you are working with chemicals or cleaning up hazardous materials, having the right cleaning supplies to successfully remove the material as well as protecting the cleaner from the hazard is paramount. Spill kits, aprons, gloves, masks, coveralls, high quality mops and other such safety tools come under cleaning supplies and should be supplied to all of those required to clean such materials. Hazard signs are also an important part of cleaning, as it not only warns those around of the wet floor, but it will reduce the risk of somebody slipping. The signs are also legally required and by having them erected in the right capacity will protect your business from most legal repercussions in case somebody does not heed the warning and does slip and hurt themselves.

Quality Washroom Supplies

With there being a stronger emphasis on handwashing more than there has ever been, having quality washroom supplies has never been more important. Whether you are running a public space or just for your employees, the level of hygiene should always be top notch. Even just for handwashing, there should be suitable antibacterial handwashing soap, sanitisers and efficient dispensers. Beyond handwashing, the washroom is a place that can be particularly unhygienic, so it is vital that it is being cleaned regularly and efficiently. Having the right cleaning supplies will ensure that cleaners are able to not just clean, but to also disinfect and keep the area as sanitary as possible. At RapidClean, we have a range of different cleaning supplies available specific to washroom purposes. From the right products for urinals, such as urinal blocks and screens, to the best antibacterial cleaning supplies and we even stock hand soap dispensers and have hand dryers available to purchase. For hotels, gyms and other places with shower facilities, we even stock dispensers and supplies for hair and body wash, so those who use the showers are able to wash themselves. Air fresheners and other air quality products are also essential in washrooms, which is why at RapidClean we have a range of those available. That way you can be sure that people are able to use the washroom as safely as possible, and no excuse to not wash their hands efficiently!

Waste Management

One of the easiest ways to keep a clean and safe work environment is to have an effective waste management system. To do so, you will need the right waste management and cleaning supplies readily available. Using strong bin liners to collect trash as well as tough garbage bags to dispose of waste is one way. That way if you are disposing of anything with the potential to leak through, the stronger the bag the less likely that will be an issue. Different areas do also require different garbage bags. An office where the only waste is things like broken pens, plastic and other less messy waste compared to a kitchen or washroom are will need different strengths and types of garbage bags. These days as well, it is entirely possible to be able to purchase bio-degradable garbage bags and liners, so if you are conscious about having an eco-friendly waste management plan, then especially at RapidClean, you will be able to find the right cleaning supplies for your business. Having proper bins as well is also important for effective waste management. Bins that do not have to be opened by hand and are able to be sealed are very popular. Bigger bins and containers being on wheels is also conducive to workplace safety and proper waste management, so no matter style of waste management you need for your business, you will be able to find the right products at RapidClean.

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