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About Tork

Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene. From paper towels in hospital washrooms to napkin dispensers in restaurant dining rooms, Tork delivers a great experience for the user and a convenient experience for the buyer. Tork is dedicated to serving your needs in a sustainable way – saving you time, money and effort, so you can focus on what matters most to your business. SCA licence the Tork trademark exclusively to Asaleo Care for use in Australasia.


About Asaleo Care

Asaleo Care is a leading hygiene and personal care company that manufactures, markets, distributes and sells Personal Care and Tissue products used every day in households and businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and a number of other countries in the Pacific. Asaleo Care’s portfolio of market-leading brands includes Sorbent, Handee, Purex, Libra, TENA, Tork, Treasures, Deeko, Viti and Orchid.

With eleven manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Asaleo Care employs around 1,000 people who work together to make it easier for hygiene, health and wellbeing to be part of everyday life.

RapidClean Supplies Tork Products
asaleo care

Tork B1 Elevation Bin Lid

The Bin Lid for the Tork Elevation Bin attaches easily Optional soft closing bin lid for added protection

Tork T4 Triple Toilet Roll Dispenser

This high capacity Tork T4 conventional toilet roll dispenser holds three toilet rolls to reduce servicing time and reduce the risk of tissue run out. Lockable dispenser prevents pilferage and tampering

Tork S2 Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser White

Compact cartridge soap Tork S2 dispenser ideal for wash stations and small washrooms Compatible with all Tork S2 soap cartridges Part of the award winning fully co-ordinated Tork Elevation range

Tork Xpress H2 Multifold Hand Towel Dispensers

Tork H2 stainless steel multifold hand towel dispenser design enhances the decor and image of the washroom Portion controlled cost effective dispensing system reduces usage and risk of run-out [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/ibQT0eAgxvc" width="240" height="200"] Available in Stainless Steel or white Gloss

Tork Matic H1 Hand Towel Roll Dispenser Sensor White

Sensor, touch free system dispenses towels automatically Part of the award winning fully co-ordinated Tork Elevation range [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/zIoLdIG2mS8" width="240" height="200"]

Tork S4 Foam Soap Dispenser White

Part of the award winning fully co-ordinated Tork Elevation range This white Tork S4 foam soap dispenser houses the Tork foam soap refills that deliver 2,500 foam soap portions This system is economical, easy to use and hassle free. [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/GHV84MVjFQc" width="240" height="200"]

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