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Floormaster Edwardstown

Floormaster Edwardstown are a South Australian owned company established in 1976, with a focus of supplying the cleaning industry with quality, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Floormaster Pty Ltd was founded by Don Taylor as a specialised hard floor cleaning business which slowly grew and by 1980 a partnership was formed between and Don and his son Jim.

“In those days, there was limited knowledge available and a very small number of suppliers, so it was decided to open a supply shop.” said Amy Mitev, owner of Floormaster.

Jim and Jan Taylor then bought the business in 1998 where they continued to source products from a wide variety of manufacturers, with the combined buying power from the Rapid Group. They sold the business to their daughter Amy in July 2017 where she continues to develop the company.

RapidClean Floormaster has now expanded and opened a new location at 373 Cross Road (Cnr Railway Terrace), Edwardstown SA in December 2018.

“The growth in the cleaning industry has caused Higher demand to have a shop on this side of town (Edwardstown). I plan to open a third store if this takes off”.