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About Recochem

Recochem Inc. is a global leader in formulating, producing, contract packaging and wholesale distribution of household and transportation fluids.  Founded in 1951 by Mr Joseph Kuchar, Recochem has earned a global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service for over 70 years.

With a commitment to innovation, flexibility, strong growth and socially responsible business ethics, Recochem has achieved worldwide recognition and appreciation from major retailers and customers around the world. These values have allowed Recochem to forge robust relationships with suppliers on every continent we do business on.

With product capabilities across the globe, Recochem operates plants in Canada, Belgium, Australia, China, India and the Asia Pacific, with proficiencies in ASTM testing and expert technical support throughout these regions. Every Recochem facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so our customers are assured consistent quality and ‘on-spec’ identical products—no matter where orders originate around the world.

Recochem acquired Diggers in November 2006, a well established hardware brand based in SA.  From humble beginnings in 1945 when returned WWII digger, George Farmsworth, began delivering hand filled bottles of turpentine on his bicycle, the Diggers brand has become an Australian favourite.

With more than 100 products in the Diggers range, Diggers is the biggest selling consumer solvents brand in Australia. Trusted nationwide by DIY enthusiasts, householders and tradies; our success has been built on making quality products that are reliable and easy to use.