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One Stop Cleaning Supplies

As a cleaning supplies business that has been operating for over thirty years with operations covering Australia and New Zealand spanning across sixty-five stores that are owned and operated by our locals, RapidClean is you to go store in the space of quality cleaning supplies regardless of the scale of your needs. We take pride in our ability to service all sizes and types of businesses with our approach to good old fashioned service that our customers continue to enjoy and is a testimony to our continued operations and growth over the last thirty years. By choosing RapidClean for your cleaning supplies you can benefit from a wide of cleaning products on offer. The categories of cleaning supplies you will find in our stores range from commercial grade carpet cleaners that include units from Karcher, Nilfisk, Kerrick and Numatic and will handle any job that is thrown at them, polishers from reliable brands like Cleanstar and Numatic, pressure washers from Karcher, Kerrick and Nilfisk, scrubbers from Cleanstar, Karcher and Numatic, speciality equipment from Karcher and Sematic, steam cleaners exclusively from Karcher, sweepers from Cleanstar, Karcher and Haaga and a wide variety of vacuums on offer from major brands like RapidClean and Cleanstar that are guaranteed to keep your premises squeaky clean. Further to providing the actual units themselves we also supply all accessories to allow maximum utilisation of all units which include the consumables required to fully utilise and service the units.

Cleaning Accessories

To ensure your business and premises can achieve an optimal level of cleanliness, our purchasing team hand selects all the cleaning supplies accessories on offer at RapidClean as a commitment to our customers in providing only premium grade products that we can also sell to you at competitive prices. By purchasing all your cleaning needs through RapidClean you can be comforted knowing serious consideration has gone into purchasing the product to be stocked at RapidClean. When you choose you purchase any product from RapidClean you can enjoy the benefit of knowing the cleaning accessory is of high quality in order to achieve the most efficient and effective cleaning result. As part of our broad cleaning accessories offer we stock a wide range of brooms, carts, cleaning kits, commercial buckets, commercial handles, commercial mops and refills, floor pads, spray bottles, waste Management, window cleaning, wipes, cloths, sponges and scourers. Across all of our cleaning accessories there are arrays of variety offered from various accessory colours that you can purchase to prevent cross-contamination, various quality levels of accessories depending on the size of your budget and even various capacity sizes depending on the volumes you expect your business to consume and depending on the size of your workplace. As a one stop cleaning supplies shop, you won’t need to look any further for your cleaning supplies needs.

Cleaning Solutions for You

As an all-inclusive cleaning supplies business, RapidClean is committed to assisting you with all of your cleaning supply needs to ensure any cleaning requirement you have now and in the future is covered. When choosing to shop at RapidClean you can benefit from the range of one hundred and seventy plus cleaning products we have on offer available to you at any point in time. As part of the cleaning supplies range we stock an array of cleaning solutions for almost any type of need or requirement. At RapidClean we are committed to serving a broad range of businesses regardless of size, big or small we are passionate in helping our customers get the right cleaning products for their business. As a testimony to this, we offer various lines of our cleaning solutions in containers as small as one litre, a mid size offer of five litres, and through to our larger quantity cleaning solutions containers of fifteen litres so business who may consume higher volumes due to the size or nature of their business. All products are tested and proven to give you that added benefit of knowing you’re purchasing products that have been previously tested. At RapidClean we want you to have once place and one place only to shop for all your cleaning supplies to make your life as easy as possible. By making our customers lives as easy as possible by stocking the widest and best range of cleaning supplies we have continued to satisfy customers over the last thirty years.

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