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Rinse Free Sanitiser
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RapidClean R.F.S – Rinse Free Sanitiser

R.F.S is a non-rinse sanitiser with a complex blend of quaternary ammonium compounds. It has superior germicide activity and its no rinse properties are crucial to a kitchen sanitising program. RFS is specifically used as the final rinse sanitiser at the end of the standard kitchen and food processing cleaning program.

Available in 5 Litre or a screen printed spray bottle (Bottle Only).

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RapidClean R.F.S – Rinse Free Sanitiser

R.F.S contains quaternary ammonium compounds. Its excellent germicide activity combined with its “no rinse” properties provides the complete sanitising program.

R.F.S is formulated as the final rinse sanitiser as part of the cleaning program in kitchen, canteen and food preparation areas. It can be used on all hard surfaces & kitchen equipment.


  • Broad spectrum biocidal activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms.
  • Rinse free formulation

Apply R.F.S using damp cloth or spray. No potable water rinse is required if surfaces are allowed to drain/dry completely. R.F.S can be applied by spraying, fogging or mopping onto the required

When used as directed R.F.S is suitable for use in kitchens and food preparation areas

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500ml Bottle Only, 5 Litre



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