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Whiteley Glamour Terrazzo Sealer

High gloss Hard wearing for high traffic areas Scuff mark and abrasion resistant Easy application and fast drying Extremely durable Leaves a deep, clear finish Glamour is available in 5L bottles.

Whiteley Thermaglo Plus

Easy to use wet look finish Burnishable from 250 rpm to 2000 rpm Use on almost any type of flooring Scuff and mark resistant Does not require a sealer on most floors Slip resistant Thermaglo Plus is available in 5L bottles

Whiteley Tung Oil Seal

Sand and seal in one day One-step sealing system Burnishable from 400 rpm to 2000+ rpm Scuff and mark resistant Repairable & patchable Slip resistant Tung Oil Seal is available in 10L bottles.

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