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3M Liner 5900

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3M Liner 5900

- 1830mm or 900mm x 10M - Black Oil and spill resistant, with anti slip qualities and UV stabilised. The liner is ideal for use in truck trays, small/large ute’s and vans

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 3300

- Black (single) 710mm x 790mm - Black (end) 710mm x 790mm - Black (centre) 710mm x 790mm - Black (corner) 540mm x 710mm - Black (corner with yellow edge) 540mm x 710mm - Black (centre with yellow edge) 710mm x 790mm - Black (end...

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 4900

- Black - 600mm x 810mm, 810mm x 990mm or 910mm x 1830mm Designed for medium traffic conditions. Brushing action of resilient rubber fingertips wipes off and traps dirt, mud, grit and sand from footwear. Fingertip sensation encourages wiping of feet w

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5270E

- Black - 0.9 m x 1.5 m - 1/case Spring coiled vinyl foam anti-fatigue mat that compresses uniformly and continually, providing greater comfort and less fatigue. Textured top provides high co-efficient of friction for slip resistance. Solid top has a

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5400

- Boot dip - 980mm x 810mm Has excellent resistance to oxygen, containing ageing pro-oxidant and offers excellent resistance to weathering due to oxygen, heat, UV, and microbes.

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Matting 5100

- Size: 0.9 m x 1.5 m - Roll - 1/case Rigid vinyl Z-web construction provides firm support and allows cart traffic for a multifunctional work area.

3M Safety-Walk Dome Cushion Mat 3500

- Available in all Black or Black with yellow Trim - 900mm x 1200mm x 14mm Rolls quickly for easy cleaning. Protects floors from dropped utensils and tools. Yellow edging provides enhanced visibility.

3M Safety-Walk Economy Safety Mat 1200

- Black or Red - 910mm x 1520mm x 13mm Easy to clean, pick up and hose off. 'Grease resistant terracotta red for oil/greasy kitchen applications. Standard black recommended for nongreasy areas.

3M Safety-Walk Link Cushion Mat 2400

- Black or Red - 910mm x 910mm x 19mm Open construction to allow debris and liquid to fall through. Standard Black recommended for nongreasy areas & Terracotta Red NBR blends for greasy areas

3M Safety-Walk Wet Area Matting 1500

- Blueberry, - 0.9 m X 6.1 m, - 1/case Coiled web open construction is perfect for pool, locker and other wet areas with medium traffic.

3M Safety-Walk Wet Area Matting 3200

- Blue or Tan - 0.9 m x 6.1 m - 1/case Excellent for locker rooms, around saunas, spa’s, pools and shower areas.

Mattek Comfort Clean Mat

Made from 100% Nitrile Rubber – resistant to greases, oils and common chemicals. Raised lugs provide excellent traction and also keeps mat surface dry Closed cell “sponge” formula, makes mat comfortable Holed option for wet areas Solid option for dry or light wet areas Beveled...

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