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Gala 400g Fibre Blend Mop

Available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow or Red.

Gala Lobby Dust Pan Set

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow or Red.

RapidClean 400G Mop Head

400G Mop Head. Available In Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. Perfect for use with aluminium handle. (B-11582-RB, B-11582-RG, B-11582-RR, B-11582-RY).

RapidClean All Purpose Black LDPE Garbage Bags

Strong LDPE garbage bin liners suitable for all 73 Litre & 240 Litre garbage bins. or contract cleaners and medium waste with no sharp edges. Available in 73L & 240L

RapidClean Aluminium Handle

Available In Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. Perfect for use with 400 MG Mop head.

RapidClean Bleach 4%

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RapidClean Bleach 4%

Bleach 4% is a chlorine activated bleach and sanitiser which may be used in a wide variety of cleaning and sanitising applications. It can also be used as a vegetable sanitiser in kitchen applications when diluted to the correct ratio. Available in 5 Litre or...

RapidClean Cherry Blossom Dual Action Disinfectant and Air Freshener

CHERRY BLOSSOM is a dual action cleaner. It is a neutral detergent containing specially formulated perfume oils with a high residual nature which masks obnoxious odours. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces and it is compatible with most floor finishes. Available in 15L...

RapidClean EcoClean Heavy Duty Sanitiser

Ecoclean is a heavy duty cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant detergent with natural citrus solvents. Ecoclean is environmentally friendly and is an excellent floor cleaner and degreaser suitable for most hard surfaces. Available in 5 Litre or 15 Litre or a screen printed spray bottle (Bottle...

RapidClean EKCOSCREEN Urinal Screens – 60 Days

EKCOSCREEN urinal Screen - Zero splash back from optimal bristle technology - 60 Day performance - Packs of 2, Cartons of 12 - Designed for water and water-less urinals - Anti UTI microbes for health sector protection - Fresh scent - Available in Purple Cherry,...

RapidClean Extra Heavy Duty Black LDPE Garbage Bags

Strong LDPE garbage bin liners suitable for all 82 Litre garbage bins. Ideal for hotels, restaurants and clubs with wet waste and broken bottles. Also great in industrial situations with heavy waste. Available in 82L, 25 bags per pack, 8 packs per carton 950mm x 810mm Easy Dispense Pack...

RapidClean Floral Deodoriser & Air Freshener

   Floral is a dual action deodoriser and air freshener. It contains a broad spectrum bactericide and specially formulated floral perfume oils with high residual nature. This enables the product to sanitise and deodorise with a single application. Floral can be used as a spray...

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