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Diversey Oxivir Tb Disinfectant Cleaner Ready To Use 946ml

Diversey Oxivir Tb Disinfectant Cleaner Ready To Use 946ml Diversey’s registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Oxivir® Tb is proven to kill Influenza virus in just 1 minute! Unlike traditional disinfectants, Oxivir Tb works within the time it takes for the surface to dry, effectively killing influenza...

Oates Breakaway Foaming Cleaner Degreaser 5L

Oates Breakaway is a powerful water based degreaser suitable for use in the food industry to remove grease and fats from floors, walls and equipment used in food, fish, poultry meat and dairy industries. Can be applied by mop and bucket, spray/wipe, broom and pressure rinse....

Oates Crossfire Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser 5 L

Oates Crossfire Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser is an instant action cleaner, formulated to attack the dirtiest industrial cleaning jobs. Its high powered, concentrated formula dissolves and floats away hardened fats, food spillages, nicotine stains and floor polishes. Its medium suds formula and high performance make it...

Oates Meltdown Floor Stripper 5L

Oates Meltdown is a high solvent stripper for fast penetration and removal of heavy build up and floor finishes. Suitable for use on non-metallic floor finishes and sealers including polyurethane fortified acrylics.

Oates Orange Solv Citrus Resources 20L

Oates Orange Solv Citrus Resources is a powerful water soluble solvent that is an alternative to strong petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents used for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing.

Oates Research Punch Heavy Duty Tile, Grout & Concrete Cleaner

Oates Research Punch is a powerful, highly concentrated detergent for cleaning concrete, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, porcelain and porous stone where it is common for soil to build up in the micro pores of the surface or collect in the ‘hills and valleys’ and grout.

Oates Shiner Floor Maintainer

Oates Shiner Floor Maintainer is a Total floor maintainer that leaves behind a polymer film restoring gloss depth when buffed. Can be mopped manually or maintained with auto scrubber or spray buffers.

Oates SoyClean Graffiti Remover 5L

SoyClean Graffiti Remover is a strong, fast acting liquid graffiti remover that is suitable for both interior & exterior surfaces. Removes both spray & enamel paints, permanent markers, most ink types & lipstick. Contains no known carcinogens, caustic fumes or ozone depleting chemicals.

Oates Spitfire Lavender Carpet Pre-Spray

Oates Spitfire Lavender Carpet Pre-Spray is an extremely effective carpet pre-spray used by professionals for domestic and contract cleaning jobs to safely clean and remove tough stains.

Oates Superstar Neutral Floor Cleaner 5L

Oates Superstar is a floor cleaner ideal for maintaining sealed floors. Formulated for use on delicate surfaces including marble, terrazzo and slate, it is also the ideal cleaner for polished timber floors offering a streak free finish. Despite its neutral pH, it still has the...

Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate

Oxivir Five Concentrate - Diversey’s registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Oxivir® Five 16 delivers fast, broad spectrum disinfection and cleaning performance. 3.78L Concentrate.  

Septone Ali Brite Cleaner

Septone Ali Brite Cleaner is a highly effective etching type acid cleaner designed primarily for the cleaning of aluminium in industrial situations. Available in 20L, 5L & 1L

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