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Livi Soaps and Hand Sanitiser Refills

Livi Activ Soap and sanitiser dispenser with a smart interchangeable pods. Available in 6 types. Suitable for use with dispenser S500

Oates Sachet Magic Pre-dosed Concentrated Cleaning System

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Oates Unique Washroom Cleaner Acid Free 5L

Oates Unique Washroom Cleaner is a specialised non-acid cleaner formulated for use on marble, granite, limestone and other sensitive stone. It is also suitable for most other bathroom surfaces, including glass. The product has been developed for the removal of calcium haze, lime and soap scum....

Rain-X Anti-fog Interior Glass Fog Repellent

Rain-X Anti-fog Interior Glass Fog Repellent is an easy to use trigger pack, Anti-Fog is applied to automotive or marine interior glass to reduce fogging. Also great for steaming and fogging on bathroom mirrors. 355 mL

SC Johnson Duck Deep Action Gel Pine 750mL

SC Johnson Duck Deep Action Gel provides complete hygiene for your toilet, thanks to its unique shaped neck that allows you to reach better under the rim, leaving your toilet clean and with a fresh long lasting fragrance, and also killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

Septone Blockettes Toilet & Urinal Deodorant Blocks

Septone Blockettes Deodorant Blocks are tutti fruitti fragranced p-Dichlorobenzene blocks which slowly release their perfumed vapour into the air. Blockettes are for use in bathrooms or wash rooms to suppress malodours and freshen the air. Available in 4kg, 9kg & 15kg

Tasman Chemicals Bio-Logica Range Enzyme Cleaners

eco friendly sustainably sourced non- caustic non corrosive naturally derived highly concentrated efficient economical biodegradable

Tork S2 Mini Liquid Soaps

Compact cartridge soap system ideal for wash stations and small washrooms

Tork Toilet Seat Sanitiser SafeSeat

300ml per cartridge (1,500 portions), 6 cartridges per case Simple spray to wipe with toilet tissue to ensure that the toilet seat is clean and hygienic Improves the hygiene and peace of mind in the washroom

Whiteley Bowlene Toilet Cleaner

Whiteley Bowlene Toilet Cleaner Available in 1L & 5L

Whiteley Lemon Disinfectant

Whiteley Lemon Disinfectant Available in 500ml & 5L

Whiteley Sansol Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Whiteley Sansol Bathroom Foam Available in 1L & 5L [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/VJBjVZoc9GM" width="240" height="200"]

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