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Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. commenced trading in Australia in January 1978 headed up by Gerry Goldberg as Managing Director. Gerry was well known in the industry being seen as a leader and an innovator – this spirit is still evident in the company he founded.

There are currently two family members involved in the business, both are Directors of the Company. Errol Goldberg is responsible for all sales both in Australia as well as export and Andrew Goldberg is responsible for the Mat World matting division.

Pall Mall Head Office is in Sydney (Riverwood) with warehousing space of more than 3,000 square metres. Pall Mall has a sales presence in Melbourne and Brisbane, while Perth, Adelaide and Auckland having staffed warehouses as well as agents who operate on our behalf in other states of Australia.

The company is primarily divided into two sections, Commercial Cleaning Accessories and Industrial Matting. Operating through a network of some 500 distributors throughout Australia in the Cleaning, Hospitality, Safety and Industrial Supply sectors, Pall Mall and its brands are a well-known organisation in the industry.

Pall Mall deals with some of the best-known and most reputable manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the U.S.A. and pride themselves on its reputation for quality, honesty and integrity. Some of the U.S.A. based suppliers are Treleoni, Unger, and Impact Products, amongst many other global specialist manufacturers.

Pall Mall started in the matting business in 1982 and are currently one of the largest importers and re-sellers of industrial matting in Australia, sourcing mats from companies in the U.S.A., Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia, dealing with only the most reputable manufacturers adhering to the strictest quality control criteria.


Glomesh Hi Performance Rectangular Stripping Pads – Emerald.

- Various sizes - 5 units per pack. The Glomesh High Performance Rectangular Stripping Pads (Emerald) are the most aggressive, fastest stripping pad, strips in a quarter of the time of a black pad. Emerald lasts longer and has greater consistency than any pad before.

Gala Pro-Lite Microfibre Mops 350G

Gala Pro-Lite Microfibre Mops 350G provide a superb mopping action using the latest in microfibre cleaning technology. • True colour coding of entire mop for easy identification to avoid cross contamination. • Two-ply twist yarn with looped ends reducing linting and fraying. • Minimal drag...

Glomesh Black Stripping Regular Speed Floor Pads

- Various Sizes - 5 units per pack The Glomesh black stripping regular speed floor pad is used for regular floor stripping.

Glomesh Diamond Stone Floor Pads 3000 grit

- 2 units per pack The final stage of preparation. The floor is now ready for daily maintenance with this pad especially with light coloured floors. Lifts gloss level, continues to remove light scratches. For maintenance use with either Regular Speed or for improved gloss,...

ClearVu Encore Liquid Soap Dispenser

- Regular (non pumice) - 840ml - 5 litre [2 Pack]* - 800 Pumps - Available in Grey and White.

Glomesh Floor Prep Pad

The perfect “cut-back” or dry strip pad offering environmental benefits and labour saving floor maintenance. Used dry — no harsh chemicals or detergents needed. Removes 1-3 coats of polish, removes inground dirt layers ready for re-applying polish. No need to scrub with water and detergent...

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