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Pall Mall Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. commenced trading in Australia in January 1978 headed up by Gerry Goldberg as Managing Director. Gerry was well known in the industry being seen as a leader and an innovator – this spirit is still evident in the company he founded.

There are currently two family members involved in the business, both are Directors of the Company. Errol Goldberg is responsible for all sales both in Australia as well as export and Andrew Goldberg is responsible for the Mat World matting division.

Pall Mall Head Office is in Sydney (Riverwood) with warehousing space of more than 3,000 square metres. Pall Mall has a sales presence in Melbourne and Brisbane, while Perth, Adelaide and Auckland having staffed warehouses as well as agents who operate on our behalf in other states of Australia.

The company is primarily divided into two sections, Commercial Cleaning Accessories and Industrial Matting. Operating through a network of some 500 distributors throughout Australia in the Cleaning, Hospitality, Safety and Industrial Supply sectors, Pall Mall and its brands are a well-known organisation in the industry.

Pall Mall deals with some of the best-known and most reputable manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the U.S.A. and pride themselves on its reputation for quality, honesty and integrity. Some of the U.S.A. based suppliers are Treleoni, Unger, and Impact Products, amongst many other global specialist manufacturers.

Pall Mall started in the matting business in 1982 and are currently one of the largest importers and re-sellers of industrial matting in Australia, sourcing mats from companies in the U.S.A., Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia, dealing with only the most reputable manufacturers adhering to the strictest quality control criteria.


Glomesh Regular Rectangular Thickline Floor Pads – 300mm x 450mm

- 5 units per pack. Available in three standard sizes for most orbital-style machines. Available in all the grades available in circular pads. Can be custom made to any size.

Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Filter L – 18L

Introducing Unger's NEW cartridge system. Guarantees you 50%-60% more usage out of your resin beads compared to the old loose resin systems. Upgrades include stainless steel connectors, removable flo-meter, re-inforced housing and lid. New formulated resin specific to window cleaning. [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPD7Ue2zB3Q#action=share" width="240" height="200"]

Glomesh Blu Ice Ultra High Speed Floor Pads

- Various Sizes - 5 units per pack The Glomesh Blu ice Ultra High Speed floor pad is a soft pad for soft to medium finishes. It removes less finish and gives up to 30% greater gloss.

Glomesh GloRaser Pink Ultra High Speed Floor Pads

- Various Sizes - 5 units per pack The Glomesh GloRaser Pink Ultra High Speed floor pad is a superior pad that cleans amd polishes to a brilliant shine. It will remove black heel marks and scuffs without removing an overabundant amount of floor finish.

Glomesh Tan Polishing Regular Speed Floor Pads

- Various Sizes - 5 units per pack The Glomesh Tan polishing regular speed floor pad is suitable for dry polishing buffable finishes. Also has the ability to surface celan while polishing.

Gala Lobby Dust Pan Set

Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow or Red.

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