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Edco Cleaning Products are Australia’s largest family owned wholesaler of cleaning and janitorial products. Edco products are designed to offer the best in quality and value and have been proudly cleaning Australia since 1941.

Numatic NBV190 Cordless Vacuum

36V cordless vacuum innovation presents performance, simplicity, convenience and total freedom... any time... anywhere. There are many occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in difficult circumstances, avoiding any conflict with the public and concerns in complying with increasing issues of Health...

Edco Utility Cloth

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Edco Utility Cloth

uper absorbent thick natural cotton Ideal for dish and table top service

Numatic NDS570A Dust Care Vacuum

The DustCare range has been a dedicated development to produce a range of professional machines addressing the needs of fine dust applications as found throughout the building industry.

Numatic WVD900 Commercial Vacuum

Large commercial / industrial wet & dry vac. With dual motors (2400W) giving 80L/sec airflow. Includes Structofoam container, tipper system and excellent mobility.

Numatic HZQ200 Hazard Vacuum

The HZ range of vacuum cleaners have been designed to vacuum dusts that could constitute a health hazard. Features a HEPA filter mounted in an all steel secure module with an additional primary pre-filter in the container itself, these machines are designed to operate with...

Edco Enduro Press Wringer Bucket 25L

Edco Enduro Press Wringer Bucket 25L features tap and bung for ease of emptying dirty water, sediment trap to keep dirt particles from rising up in bucket and removable spacer in wringer to allow more effective wringing of larger and smaller mops.

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