Automotive Cleaning Supplies

Not all cleaning supplies are made equal and that is why different surfaces require different products. When it comes to cleaning your vehicle, you do not want to just be using any cleaning supplies. Harsh products can cause damage to your exterior and that is an expense that nobody wants. Scratching the paint, discolouration or causing any issues to the overall look and function of your vehicle is something that you will want to avoid at all costs so the cleaning supplies that you use matter. From the cleaning products themselves to what you use to wash, scrub or dry, investing in appropriate cleaning supplies is important. At RapidClean, we understand this all too well, which is why we seek to provide our customers with the best range of automotive cleaning supplies possible. From the initial clean, to the products that help give that overall shine for weeks to come, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Degreasers, wash and wax, auto revive, clean and shine and for those who are environmentally conscious, phosphate free eco wash, these are all products that we have available. We even have a whole range of industrial cloths to ensure that you do not scratch the paint. For when the body is done, we also sell glass cleaners specifically for the windows, mirrors and windshield, to give your vehicle the best clean possible.

Quality Healthcare Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to all things medical and healthcare, cleanliness goes hand in hand with these environments. This is especially important when it comes to storing and disposing of waste. The waste that comes out of healthcare facilities can be extremely dangerous if not disposed of correctly and that is why quality healthcare cleaning supplies are especially important. Any waste bags that a healthcare facility uses must be of the highest grade, to ensure that there is no leakage, tears or any possibility that the waste or products stored inside will be exposed to anybody or anything on the outside. Apart from being well made, having the appropriate warnings and labels on the bags are also important, as it is important that those who may come into contact with these bags have an understanding of exactly what they are handling. From biohazard waste bags, to patient bags for clothing and medication, these labels are of the upmost importance. Other products like mattress protection sheets, shrouds and even other healthcare supplies like medicine transfer bags, are all stocked by RapidClean. Being able to stock hospitals and healthcare facilities with high quality cleaning supplies and other healthcare products is something that we do not take on lightly, so all products available to order for healthcare facilities are made of the highest quality. Healthcare is about treating and keeping people safe and healthy, which is why that when it comes to the products we supply, we recognise that what we sell contributes directly to the safety of those using them.

Premium Hospitality Cleaning Supplies

Right now, especially, there has been an increased focus on cleanliness and healthcare, with many businesses stepping up measures to ensure that they are operating with the cleanest surfaces possible. At RapidClean, not only do we stock a whole range of premium grade hospitality supplies, we also extend that same range to our cleaning supplies. We know that businesses have an increased focus on keeping their facilities clean and safe for their guests and customers, so we want to make the process as easy as possibly by supplying the best products we can. With customers feeling a higher level of anxiety currently about the cleanliness of the places they visit, it is not enough to keep a surface visibly clean, but it also must be hygienic as well, which is something that best cleaning supplies will be able to offer. Having a clean and hygienic kitchen, dining and other facilities is more than just squirting some chemicals on the table, it extends to all parts of the business. From having equipment that is easy to clean, to being able to offer products to the guests for one time use, like disposable straws, at RapidClean we can help you keep your premises as well stocked and as clean as possible.

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