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Viper is a brand of Nilfisk and is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The Viper range is reliable,  easy-to-use and service friendly and cost-effective, with a range that extends from small to mid-range Scrubber Dryers, Single Discs and Burnisher’s.

With a wide dealer network ready to support and service your needs, including the Rapid Clean group, our dealers are well trained product experts with a wealth of knowledge within a range of markets.

Viper RapidClean Suppliers

Viper HS350 High Speed Single Disc

HS350 High Speed Single Disc Power Input 240V Electric Rated Power 1800W Cleaning Width 432mm Brush/Pad Size 432mm Brush/Pad Speed 350rpm Weight 39.5kg Cable Length 10m One year commercial warranty

Viper AS5160T Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

The Viper AS5160T is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with the ergonomic design, this robust machine is ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces. Ideal for cleaning in hotels...

Viper AS380B Micro Scrubber Dryer Battery

Viper AS380B is a compact and user friendly micro scrubber/dryer ideal for small to medium areas and accessing narrow areas. The ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle provides easy use and storage. [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/FKIfJQprfHo" width="240" height="200"]

Viper Fang 32T Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Battery

Fang 32T Scrubber Dryer Power Input 36V Battery Rated Power 650W Scrubbing Width 800mm Solution/Recovery Tank 115/106L Squeegee Width 1020mm Productivty Rate 3211 m2/hr Sound Pressure Level 70 dB(A) Brush Size 406mm Weight 326kg

Viper AS710R Ride On Scrubber Dryer

AS710R Ride On Scrubber Dryer Power Input 24V Battery Rated Power 500W Scrubbing Width 710mm Solution/Recovery Tank 120/120L Squeegee Width 940mm Productivty Rate 4413 m2/hr Sound Pressure Level 69 dB(A) Brush Size 355mm Weight 225/435kg One year commercial warranty

Viper DR1500H Burnisher

DR1500H Burnisher Power Input 240V Electric Rated Power 1200W Cleaning Width 510mm Brush/Pad Size 510mm Brush/Pad Speed 1500rpm Weight 39kg Cable Length 15m One year commercial warranty

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