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Hako Scrubmaster B10 Scrubber

Hako Scrubmaster B10 Walk Behind Scrubber

Wet scrubbing and dry cleaning in one single operation. Handy, multi-purpose and ideal even for narrow spaces.

Includes brushes, batteries and charger
10 litre tank/11 Litre Tank
Area coverage of 1400m2/h

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Hako Scrubmaster B10 Scrubber – Walk behind 

Hako Scrubmaster B10 Scrubber has a unique quick change battery system enabling continuous scrubbing as you need it.  Change battery packs in seconds.  Giving continuous scrubbing times of up to 30 mins per battery pack (dependent on floor conditions), add an extra battery pack to extend run time up to 60 minutes of operating time or 1400sqm of cleaning. The B10 stands alone in when it comes to cleaning performance and productivity.

The Scrubmaster E10 and B10 are compact, robust and easily manageable scrubber-driers for use on smaller areas. The projecting cylindrical brush head enables cleaning close to borders, thus saving any intensive follow-up work. The double rollers ensure the optimum cleaning of structured floors and joints while the folding handlebar and battery system, which can be removed without the need for tools using the user-friendly, quick-change system and is mounted on rollers, guarantee the machine can be transported easily and conveniently for use in several locations. It has a net operating time of 30 minutes per battery system (B10). Optionally also available with a mains power supply (E10).

Key Features:


Available in battery

Compact, robust, handy


Reduced underclearance required (working below tables, etc.)


Small space required for transport and storing due to contour-adapted and foldable operating handlebar.


Perfect results at edges due to projecting brush head. This avoids intensive re-working.


Twin cylinder for optimum cleaning of structured floors and joints.


Easy and quick cylinder brush replacement.


Optimal taking-in of the dirt especially in border areas due to squeegee automation for forward/reverse.


Removable water tanks allow easy filling and emptying.


Stairs and borders can be easily mounted due to the wheel geometry (wheel Ø = 170mm).




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