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3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5400

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5400

– Boot dip
– 980mm x 810mm

Has excellent resistance to oxygen, containing ageing pro-oxidant and offers excellent resistance to weathering due to oxygen, heat, UV, and microbes.

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3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5400

3M Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5400 inhibits the growth of hazardous microbial colonies. Natural rubber with other compounds to optimise technical properties required for high level performance in use and strength. Offers very good resistance to elevated temperature even up to 350ºC (662ºF) for limited exposure and resistant to temperature up to 80ºC (176ºF) on continuous basis. Resistant to chemicals and offers special resistance to chlorine containing detergent chemicals and oxygen containing chemical. EPDM offers outstanding resistance to ultra violet and other irradiations. Resistant to hydrolysis due to water or any aqueous chemical media. Raised walls to hold anti-germicidal detergent or any liquid for hygienic cleaning. Yellow colour and safety edges for high visibility, with rear cross grip design for good adhesion.



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