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Canyon Spray Trigger

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Canyon Spray Trigger

The Canyon Spray Trigger is a robust, heavy duty trigger ideal for commercial, agricultural and industrial cleaning. The twist nozzle provides 1ml dose in "spray" or "jet" flow stream with every full spray.

DuraClean Hospital Launder Butterfly Cut Mop Refill – 350g

Premium textile blend yarn.Ideal for all heavy duty hospital mopping. Looped ends prevent tangling and linting. Angled tail banding improves wringing.

DuraClean Ultra Roller Wringer Bucket – 16L

Extra wide opening ideal for use with larger mops. Heavy duty plastic is lightweight, hygienic and rust resistant. Ergonomic, easy action plastic wringing system with non-slip foot pedal. 2 year guarantee.

Floormaster Twister Green – Diamond Clean & Polish

Floor pad fibres contain billions of microscopic diamonds. Cleans and polishes floors without using chemicals. Transforms dull, worn floors into clean, glossy and brightly polished floors. Final step of 3 for Standard or Intensive method to maintain high gloss on surface when used regularly. Suitable...

Classic Plus Ultimate Indoor Broom

Ideal for all indoor floor surfaces.

Dustpan and Bannister Set

Flagged bristles trap dirt.

Floormaster Black Heavy Duty Strip Floor pads

The Black Heavy Duty Strip agressively removes wax, dirt and finish. The abrasive floor pad is designed for regular, wet & heavy duty stripping & scrubbing. Super abrasive nylon floor pad Ideal for regular, wet and heavy duty stripping and scrubbing

DX1 450mm Pad – 10 Pack

V.M.P. Technology (Velvet Microfibre Polyester) - Resistant to wear and chemicals. For damp and dry mopping. Recommended for use with: - MF-057 Oates 400mm Ergo Slider Flat Mop Head - MF-060 Oates 400mm Aluminium Flat Mop Head

Ezy Ergo Bucket – 25 Litre

Ergonomic design with elevated castors for easy manoeuvrability. Removable dirt trap and drain plug for easy cleaning. 7 Litre twin detachable buckets for handy storage of chemicals and cloths. For use with Oates Ezy Ergo Press Wringer (IW-500 series).

Stainless Steel Scour – 50gm

Premium Stainless Steel scour effective in scrubbing away tough grime from multiple surafces with continuous filament for reduced linting.

DuraClean No. 210 Non-Scratch Scour ‘N’ Sponge

Light Duty - 10 Pack For non-aggressive cleaning & non scratch applications. Ideal for high gloss polishing, cleaning non-stick and coated cookware and more delicate surfaces. Sponge wipes surface clean.

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