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RapidClean Hair & Body Wash Pod

Hair & Body Wash is for use in showers and bathing areas. It has a rich lather to moisturise the skin. Ideal for the child care and health care sectors. 1 Litre (x6 pods).

RapidClean Hair and Body Wash

has been formulated to be a safe and pleasant liquid hand cleaner, body wash, and shampoo for any application. It contains skin and hair conditioners and has a delicate floral fragrance. Body Wash is suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers,...

Estesol Hair & Body

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Estesol Hair & Body

Pleasantly fragranced rich all over hair & body shower gel. Available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre and 4 Litre Cartriges.

Livi Soaps and Hand Sanitiser Refills

Livi Activ Soap and sanitiser dispenser with a smart interchangeable pods. Available in 6 types. Suitable for use with dispenser S500

Refresh Luxury 3 in 1 Hair & Body

Luxurious 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner Available in 1 Litre & 2 Litre Cartridges

Tork Liquid Soap S1 Cartridges

High capacity vacuum sealed disposable soap cartridge system for added hygiene. Versatile range of dermatologically tested soap. One refill provides 1,000 portions.

Tork Mini Liquid Soap S2 Cartridges

Compact cartridge soap system ideal for wash stations and small washrooms

Tork Spray Soaps

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Tork Spray Soaps

Unique economical spray hand soap with 2,000 doses per refill

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