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RapidClean Hair and Body Wash

has been formulated to be a safe and pleasant liquid hand cleaner, body wash, and shampoo for any application. It contains skin and hair conditioners and has a delicate floral fragrance. Body Wash is suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers,...

RapidClean Heavy Duty Black LDPE Garbage Bags

Strong LDPE garbage bin liners suitable for all 54 Litre – 240 Litre garbage bins. Ideal for mid to heavy-weight applications in restaurants, clubs, hotels and councils. Available in 73L, 73L Roll, 82L, 120L & 240L

RapidClean Heavy Duty Wipes on a Roll

90 sheets per roll 45 Metre Roll 6 rolls per carton sheet size: 50 x 30 Heavy Duty Antibacterial Superior Absorption Colour Coded to Assist Control of Cross Contamination Available in red, yellow, green and blue

RapidClean Hi-Genic Washroom Cleaner

Hi-Genic is a toilet, urinal and washroom cleaner formulated on safe acids and nonionic surfactants; a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive, yet still delivering excellent results. The regular use of Hi-Genic brightens stainless steel and porcelain surfaces. Available in 1 Litre,...

RapidClean Image Deluxe Toilet Tissue Roll 400s – 700s

- 2 Ply - 11cm x 10cm sheet - 48 Rolls per carton - Australian Made and Owned - Deluxe toilet tissue - Large sheets with embossed edges - Soft with superior strength - Fits dispensers 033040 White and 033050 Black - Available in 400...

RapidClean Image Deluxe Toilet Tissue Roll Dispenser

- Compact toilet roll dispenser format with over slide protection - Lockable - Suitable for paper products 077560 and 077525 - Available In 033040 White and 033050 Black

RapidClean Image Facial Tissue Box 100 Sheets

- 2 Ply, 100 sheets - 205mm x 195mm sheet - 48 Packs per carton - Australian Made and Owned - Soft with superior strength

RapidClean Janitors Cart and Bag

Includes blue cart and green bag, Lightweight and sturdy design with provision for many accessories to be hung. Compact size for easy manoeuvrability into elevators and tight passageways. Compatible Oates Locking Compartment (JA-177M) available as optional extra.

RapidClean Janitors Cart Replacement Bag

Green Replacement Bag for Blue janitors Cart (JC-175RP)

RapidClean Jumbo Toilet Tissue Roll 1 Ply – 2 Ply

- 8 Rolls per carton - Australian Made and Owned - Superior strength - Ideal for high traffic areas - Economical - Fits dispensers 033047 White and 033057 Black - Available in 1 ply (600m) and 2 ply (300m)

RapidClean Jumbo Toilet Tissue Roll Dispenser

- Jumbo Single slim format dispenser with control feed - Lockable - Suitable for paper product 077540 and 077550 - Available In 033047 White and 033057 Black

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