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Radial Toilet Brush

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Radial Toilet Brush

Stiff, durable bristles remove tough stains.

No. 635 White Polish Pad

Non-abrasive polishing pad. Ideal for a high gloss finish.

Soft Grip Grout Brush

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Soft Grip Grout Brush

Stiff bristles ideal for cleaning tiles and grout. Scraper removes tough grime.

DuraClean No.103 Scour Pad Heavy Duty – 10 Pack

Aggressive commercial grade scour for removing tough grime. Ideal for cleaning pots, cooking utensils, and metal surfaces. Only sold in outer of 10 packs of 10.

Contractor Mop Refill – 500g

Industrial strength multi-purpose mop. Traditional 100% cotton yarn is highly absorbent. Ideal for commercial cleaning.

Nippers – 100cm

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Nippers – 100cm

Safely collects syringes, sharp objects and general waste. Extra long handle provides additional reach and control.

Domestic Lobby Pan Set

Medium stiff bristles trap dirt.

Contractor Scour ‘N’ Sponge – 15 Pack

Commercial grade nylon blend scour removes tough grime. Sponge wipes the surface clean with ease. Ideal for use on metal surfaces, pots and for cleaning utensils.

No. 4 Industrial Enka-fill PVA Cloth – Large – Perforated – 1 Pack

Highly resilient and absorbent Polyvinyl Alcohol Cloth leaves windows and mirrors squeaky clean and streak free. Ideal for automobile, boat and bathroom cleaning. Perforated cloth for easy wringing.

Telescopic Handle 3.8m

The 3.8m Telescopic Handle is made from a lightweight aluminium with a locking sleeve for added strength. Great for high reach window cleaning.

Eager Beaver White Floor Pad – 10 Pack

Non-abrasive polishing pad - non-scratch. Ideal for a high gloss finish. Bulk pack for large jobs

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