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RapidClean is your One-Stop-Shop for all your cleaning product needs!

Automatic Dishwasher Powder

- 12g - New with Rise Aid and Low Foam - 1 box (500)

Entice Jumbo Toilet Rolls

- 100% 1 + 2 Ply virgin soft toilet tissue, superior strength with comfort - High traffic bathroom environments - Superior breakdown and suitable for all sewer systems Available in 1 Ply 500m & 2 Ply 300m Australian Made & Owned

Hand Dishwashing Liquid

- 20ml - 1 box (500)

Laundry Powder

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Laundry Powder

- 20g - New with Fabric Softener - 1 box (500)

Liquid Laundry Detergent

- 20ml - 1 box (500)

RapidClean 400G Mop Head

400G Mop Head. Available In Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. Perfect for use with aluminium handle. (B-11582-RB, B-11582-RG, B-11582-RR, B-11582-RY).

RapidClean All Purpose Black LDPE Garbage Bags

Strong LDPE garbage bin liners suitable for all 73 Litre & 240 Litre garbage bins. or contract cleaners and medium waste with no sharp edges. Available in 73L & 240L

RapidClean Aluminium Handle

Available In Blue, Green, Red or Yellow. Perfect for use with 400 MG Mop head.

RapidClean Anti Bac Hand Soap

RapidClean Anti Bac Hand Soap is an odourless antibacterial hand cleaner and sanitiser formulated for the use where an efficient mild hand soap is specified. ANTI BAC is a viscous clear blue odourless liquid creating the perfect combination for use in the child care, health...

RapidClean Antibacterial Foam Wash Pod

Foam Wash Antibacterial is an AQIS approved product for use in food preparation areas. It is also is pH balanced, fragrance free and moisturisers added. 1 Litre (x6 pods).

RapidClean Autocut Eco Hand Towel 300m

- 1 Ply, 20cm x 28cm sheet (4285 sheets) - 200mm x 300m roll - 4 Rolls per carton - Australian Made and Owned - High quality paper - Exclusive controlled dispenser system - Economical and environmentally friendly - Suitable for dispensers 03304

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