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Oates Pty Ltd grew from the original A. A. Oates broom factory that operated in North Melbourne before the First World War. 

Starting with cotton mops in 1930, Edgar Oates, his father Albert and brothers Bert and Lawrence worked through the very tough years of the great depression with Edgar and Lawrence then serving their country in the Second World War.  

In the post war years the product range was steadily expanded and production facilities improved.  A reputation amongst trade buyers as a reliable supplier of quality products was firmly established in all markets.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s acquisitions and product development together with the opening of warehouses and sales offices in all mainland capitals resulted in E. D. Oates becoming the leading supplier of cleaning products in Australasia.  

In July 2005, E.D. Oates was acquired by GUD Holdings Pty Ltd.  This new business venture is a combination of the new and old E.D. Oates.  This brings together two companies dedicated to strong branding and future growth in cleaning products within Australia and New Zealand.

At the commencement of 2008 the Oates(R) range comprises over 1200 products and customers range from the largest Supermarkets, DIY Chains and Mass Merchants to specialized cleaning outlets and export customers across the Pacific and Asia. Oates(R) continues to grow further through complementary acquisitions and new product introductions, many of which are designed in Australia. 

Modern warehousing systems combined with a national sales force results in the highest levels of service and quality.


Hot Plate Griddle Cleaning Screen – 10 Pack

Oates Hot Plate Griddle cleaning screen in a 10 pack, screen can be used directly on surface to prepare it for cleaning. Use screen in conjunction with Oates No. 721 Heavy Duty (GP-721), Oates No. 722 Super Heavy Duty (GP-722) and Oates Super Heavy Duty...

Pedal Bin – Grey 50L

The 50 Litre Grey Pedal Bin includes an easy to use foot pedal that provides effortless operation, ensuring you won't have to touch the lid.

Stainless Steel Scour – 50gm

Premium Stainless Steel scour effective in scrubbing away tough grime from multiple surafces with continuous filament for reduced linting.

DuraFresh Ultimate Scrub Tuff Sponge – Large

From the DuraFresh range, a larger sized sponge, the ultimate in sponges with super cleaning power. Removing ink, crayons, scuff marks and grime with ease, no chemicals required!

Polyester Cotton Mop Refill – 600g

Polyester and cotton blend yarn ideal for applying sealers and polish. Suitable for use on rough surfaces due to high lint resistance and durability.

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